Prominent Medjugorje Expert Warns of a coming “global catastrophe, both on a spiritual and material level.” Here is why

Source Fr. Livio’s Blog

Dear Father Livio, I listened to your editorial on the silence of the visionaries of Medjugorje. It was questioned why they no longer speak and testify in public, and some have urged them to get back to doing so. But don’t you think that it was Our Lady who asked them to isolate themselves and remain silent and in prayer? This “isolation” seems to have begun after the end of the apparitions on the 2nd of Mirjana’s month, i.e. 2 March 2020. First Mirjana, then progressively also the other visionaries no longer spoke in public. On the other hand they have already said and done so much in all these years, today they limit themselves to reporting the messages and are not authorized by Our Lady to speak about the events of the secrets. In my opinion they will return to testify in public closer to the announcement of the first secret. What do you think? Couldn’t that be the case?

Best regards

God bless you


Dear Antonio,

it is not the first email sent to me that hypothesizes that the silence and isolation (so to speak) of the visionaries is indicative of a closeness of secrets.

It could also be, but personally I don’t believe it because Our Lady has always exhorted them from the beginning to bear witness with courage. As she exhorts us, so she exhorts them too. The mandate is evident in the final part of the messages of the 25th of the month addressed to the Parish.

Today the testimony of the six visionaries is even more important than in past times, because the situation, as Our Lady describes it, is that of a global catastrophe, both on a spiritual and material level.

The events of the secrets become visible day by day. Satan is openly showing his infamous face with war, the spread of iniquity, apostasy and persecution of the Church.

It is now that people must be enlightened, heartened and reassured by the extraordinary presence of Our Lady as Help of Christians and Queen of Peace.

This is obviously a task for all of us, but in particular for Medjugorje, which has a responsibility for which it will have to answer personally to the Gospa. Unfortunately, there are too many who no longer remember his words on the matter.

Our Lady made the trumpet sound on January 1st, but I don’t know if she will make it sound again or if she will proceed with even more engaging initiatives.

Ave Maria

Father Livio