Medjugorje July 18, 2019: Our Lady reveals the seven fundamental points for our salvation – Why did Our Lady mention her “children” 7 times in most recent message?

How can we reach our salvation? Our Lady clearly explains this in the last message from Medjugorje to Mirjana

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In the message of 2 July in Medjugorje, Don Renzo invites us to reflect on some fundamental themes.

A message from Medjugorje, that of July 2, 2019, is fundamentally different from previous messages.

Medjugorje: the monthly appearance to the visionary Mirjana had begun at 8.39 am at the foot of the Podbro near the Blue Cross. The Queen of Peace spoke for almost 6 minutes, leaving us a message with very strong contents to be explored.


Don Renzo Lavatori comments on the last message from Medjugorje on 2 July 2019 for the Light of Mary

LdM – Don Renzo the message of 2 July has something different than all those so far pronounced by the Virgin Mary. What has changed and what does the Madonna tell us?

DRL – This message actually presents itself with a very particular structure, which has not occurred in previous messages. It is punctuated by a sweet greeting and call: ” My dear children “, precisely seven times, where each time an aspect of the Christian life is found, woven, vivified, illuminated by faith. 

July 2, 2019 Message

“Dear children, according to the will of the merciful Father, I have given you, and will still give you, evident signs of my motherly presence. My children, this is a motherly desire for the healing of souls. This is a desire that every child of mine may have true faith, to live to see wondrous experiences, drinking from the spring of the words of my Son—the words of life. My children, my Son, by His love and sacrifice, brought the light of faith into the world and showed you the way of faith. Because, my children, faith elevates pain and suffering. True faith makes prayer more sensitive, and does acts of mercy—a conversation, a gift of alms. Those of my children who have faith—true faith—are happy despite everything because they live the beginning of heavenly happiness on earth. Therefore, my children, apostles of my love, I am calling you to give an example of true faith, to bring light where there is darkness, to live my Son. My children, as a mother I am telling you: you cannot go on the way of faith and follow my Son without your shepherds. Pray that they may have the strength and the love to lead you. May your prayers always be alongside them. Thank you.”

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1. Medjugorje: The maternal mission of Mary

LdM – Don Renzo, what is the explanation that the Madonna gives of her presence among us?

DRL – “Dear children, according to the will of the merciful Father, I have given you and will still give you clear signs of my maternal presence” . She makes us understand the reason why she comes among us and supports us on our earthly pilgrimage, as a messenger sent by God the Father, in correspondence with his divine will. This means that his apparitions are part of the saving project of the Heavenly Father and as such must be accepted, understood and lived.

LdM – How can we be part, enter the salvific project?

DRL – The presence of Mary is accompanied by particular signs that reveal her maternal function, her mission as companion, teacher and guide of her children always in need of her words and her warnings. We must take note of this, feeling not only its joy and exultation, but also the need and urgency so that through her we can live on this earth as true convinced Christians. Listening to and following you, we go along with the divine will and therefore fully enter into the project of salvation of our Heavenly Father.

Don Renzo comments on Mirjana's message

2. Medjugorje: healing and salvation of souls

LdM – How does the Celestial Mother reveal her mission to us?

DRL – ” My children, it (my presence) is for my maternal desire for the healing of souls “.Mary reveals the purpose for which she carries out her mission, which consists solely and exclusively of the healing of her children, that is, their healing, purification, conversion concerning both physical healing and above all the healing of the heart, which is often found in situations of bitterness and great suffering. We know that this discomfort comes from sin as a lack of love or rejection of love.

LdM – How much need do we have for this rehabilitation?

DRL – The human creature has a vital need to be healed so that their spiritual wounds are healed and the heart is renewed and transfigured for a new heart, serene and full of joy and love. To be authentic Christians and live the Gospel coherently, there is no other way than to be healed. This happened with the sacrament of baptism and is renewed day by day until the attainment of the eternal and beatifying salvation of paradise.

3. Authentic faith lives on the Word of his Son

LdM – Mary speaks of authentic faith. How to get there?

DRL – “My desire is that every child of mine has an authentic faith, that they live prodigious experiences by drinking at the source of the Word of my Son, of the Word of life” . There is no other source, gushing for life on earth and in heaven, outside of the Word of life of Christ, the eternal Word of God made man.

On this point the Virgin not only has no doubts, but insistently repeats that the true light, which indicates the way and that leads to earthly and eternal life, is only in listening, in assimilation and in the implementation of that Word which has descended from heaven and made himself flesh, that is, his most beloved Son, Jesus Christ. Why do we want to look for other words that do not have the same strength? Why do we allow ourselves to be swept away by vain and even harmful words rather than remaining captivated by the word of the Gospel? We should go back to reading and meditating on Holy Scripture.

It alone possesses a luminosity and a vitality that can only feed and revive our weak forces. But do we really make it the center of our daily listening to that vital Word?

4. Faith turns pain into an offering of love

LdM – At this point the Virgin speaks of pain and suffering.

DRL – “My children, faith raises pain and suffering. Authentic faith makes prayer more sensitive, performs works of mercy: a dialogue, an offering “ . Still a special feature of the operative power of faith under two aspects of life. A first aspect concerns the fundamental problem of suffering and evil, which touches every human being and in front of which different and even opposite attitudes can be assumed: some reject him completely and consider him something completely negative to be eradicated; others endure it with resignation and sadness, as if it were an inevitable fact which must therefore be faced as well as possible; others, finally, let themselves be dominated by pain until they lose all hope and fall into such a depression until the desire of death.

LdM – Our Lady, how does she encourage us to live these moments?

DRL – The Virgin, in conformity with the evangelical truth, makes suffering of any kind, physical, psychic and spiritual, caused by the sin of the world and absolutely not by God, an event of positive salvation, as it becomes an instrument by which we can to grow and mature from a human and Christian point of view; above all it can be a source of merit and healing.

LdM – In what way?

DRL – Pain, suffered and faced for the sake of Jesus crucified, is transformed into earthly and eternal salvation for oneself and for sinful and needy brothers. This is possible for the paschal mystery of Christ, who lived enormous sufferings up to the sacrifice on the cross solely to fulfill the will of the Father and for our redemption. With this he demonstrated that love is stronger than pain and all evil, indeed it becomes the greatest victory over all evil and death itself.

In this way the Virgin teaches us an instrument of immense value, which we should treasure, above all with the help of prayer, which makes suffering alive and effective to accomplish every true good for ourselves and for so many human creatures.

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5. Medjugorje: faith gives happiness on earth and in eternal life

Now the Gospa affirms that whoever has faith, authentic faith, lives however serene. Such as?

DRL – “Those children of mine who have faith, an authentic faith, are happy in spite of everything, because they live on earth the beginning of the happiness of heaven” . These words contain a pearl of great value, in the sense that it is the secret to living an existence interwoven with serenity, trust and great ardor and optimism. This comes from the fact that faith entrusts itself to divine power and justice, to divine mercy and wisdom, so that everything, every event, every circumstance acquires a value and a strength that is no longer negative and simply human but supernaturally infinite and omnipotent.

LdM – But this relying on us many times remains difficult and creates anxiety for us

DRL – Why bother, worry anxiously, curse, sadden until all hope is lost and even reach an exacerbating and destructive pessimism? If God is with me, sweetest Father who supports me, protects me and I leave myself filially in his arms, of whom and what can I be afraid of?

If Jesus is with me, who can be against me? What an intense depth and openness of vitality and happiness already on this earth, as an anticipation of endless bliss in the kingdom of God! Let us allow ourselves to be enveloped, involved and overwhelmed by this full, ardent and totalizing faith. Then life really takes on a different representation, because it becomes rich and bearer of love, truth and eternity, thanks to a constant and undeterred faith.

Medjugorje sole Mirjana

6. Medjugorje: Full faith constitutes light in darkness

LdM – At this point we are invited by Mary to give an example. What should we do then?

DRL – “My children, apostles of my love, I invite you to give an example of authentic faith, to bring light where there is darkness, to live my Son” . With this clarification, the Virgin gives the mandate to her children to represent her among men, constituting them apostles as witnesses of her love. Above all, she encourages us to be a source of light in the midst of a dark world in which we live.

LdM – What light does Our Lady speak of?

DRL – He says it immediately afterwards: the light of the world is Jesus himself, his Son who proclaimed himself to be the only true Light in the world. There is no other light as radiant and vital as this. It is therefore necessary to keep it turned internally in our mind, in our heart and in all the moments of our daily existence.

Only he, the Son of Mary, can be capable of having such a powerful light to disperse and remove the fearful and anguished darkness of life on earth. This light is the truth that He brought and transmitted with his Word. Hence our commitment, if we want to be seriously Marian apostles, to live the Son.

LdM – What does “live the Son” mean?

DRL – The sentence is very strong and incisive: living the Son means possessing it, loving it, adoring it, obeying it, following it, putting it at the center of our person, of feelings, of existential choices, of our way of behaving. In other words, living the Christ means being imbued like a sponge with pure and healthy water. It is not a recent commitment, but it constitutes the most beautiful and shining sense of our being and working in the world, to make us true witnesses in the midst of today’s blurred humanity.


7. Medjugorje: True faith requires union with the shepherds

LdM – How can we follow Christ in this total way?

DRL – “My children, as a Mother I say to you: you cannot walk the way of faith and follow my Son without your pastors. Pray that they have the strength and love to guide you. Your prayers are always with them “ . This last indication makes us reflect deeply. Faced with so many crises of holy and enlightened priests, one feels dumbfounded and disoriented. Then we go in search of other guides, who seem more credible, we go after pseudo-seers, isolated and strange prophets, losing the wise and fruitful contact with the pastors who have the authority and service given to them by the Church and by his great pastor Christ.

LdM – So a reminder to pay attention to those “famous false prophets”. But how do you distinguish them?

DRL – It is certain that we need to find a well-made shepherd who is a lit lamp, who makes a strong and loving light, in which we can have the certainty and the serenity to walk on the right paths of the great light of Christ and not go behind wicks false and deceptive. For this reason we must incessantly pray to the Lord, that he send faithful and wise workers to his people. This prayer must never fail in our hearts. We know that sheep, if they do not have a good shepherd, easily disperse and get lost with the danger of sinking into the darkness of lies and wickedness.

LdM – How much can our prayer serve?

DRL – The crisis of priestly vocations is a clear indication of a deficiency in the Church, which must be overcome and filled. Prayer for priests, sincere closeness to them, spiritual communion with them, are all situations that guarantee the holy and fruitful life of Christians. If we carry out the pressing invitation of the Virgin, we must believe and hope for an improvement of this critical condition, which properly affects the people of the pastors of the people of God.

We thank Don Renzo Lavatori for his profound theological meditation on the contents of the message from Medjugorje of 2 July 2019

Don Renzo Lavatori - Maria