If you are going through a period of despair these words of Padre Pio will save you!

If your hope gets weaker and turns off little by little, read this:

From time to time, God sends in our world extraordinary men who bridge the earth and the sky and help ensure that thousands of people can enjoy the eternal Paradise.

The twentieth century has left us one particular: Father Pio of Pietrelcina, a religious Capuchin who died in 1968 in San Giovanni Rotondo. St. John Paul II raised it to the altars in 2002 in a canonization that broke all records of presences.

Padre Pio has received special gifts from God, such as the discernment of souls and the ability to read in consciences, miraculous healings, bilocation, the gift of tears, the scent of roses and above all the stigmata on the feet, hands and side, that has brought for fifty years.

In the course of his life he wrote thousands of letters, which represent a source of practical Christian wisdom and are still very timely.

Thoughts to deal with suffering

Here is a small selection of Padre Pio’s thoughts on suffering, taken from his letters:

1.- “If you can speak to the Lord in prayer, talk to him, praise him; if you can not speak to him  because you are to low sorry stop in the room like the courtiers and give them reverence. He who will see, he will appreciate your presence, will favor your silence, and at another time you will be comforted when he will take you by the hand “

2.- “The more sorrow and despair you have, the more love you will receive”

3.- “Jesus wants to fill your whole heart”

4.- “God wants your misery to be the throne of his mercy, and your incapacities the seat of his omnipotence”

5. – “(Faith is) the torch that directs the steps of these desolate spirits”

6.- “In the tumultuousness of the passions and of the adverse events we sustain the dear hope of his inexhaustible mercy”

7.- “All trust put it in God alone”

8.- “The best comfort is what comes from prayer”

9.- “Fear not at all, but esteemed very fortunate for having been made worthy and share in the pains of the Man-God”

11.- “The darkness that sometimes surrounds the sky of your souls is light: for you you believe in the darkness, and you have the impression of being in the middle of a burning bush. In fact, when the bush burns, the air around it fills with the enemy and the lost spirit fears not to see, to no longer understand anything. But it is then that God speaks and is present to the soul: who hears, understands, loves and trembles “

12.- “My Jesus, my sweetness, my love, the love that sustains me”

13.- “Only in heaven is happiness”

14.- “When you see yourself despised, do as the kingfisher who builds his nest on the trees of ships, or rise from the ground, rise with the thought and heart to God, who is the only one who can console you and can give you strength to bear the test “

15.- “Keep in mind that the more the enemy’s assaults grow, the more God is close to the soul”

16.- “Therefore bless the Lord (for suffering) and resigned to drink at the glass of Gethsemane”

17.- “During your existence, know how to support the bitterness in order to participate in the sufferings of Christ”

18.- “The fate of the chosen souls is suffering; it is suffering endured in a Christian manner, to which God, the author of every grace and gift of health, has established to give us the glory “

19.- “Remember (…) that you do not come to health if not for prayer; that the battle is not won if not for prayer. So you have the choice “

20.- “Prayer is the best weapon we have; it is a key that opens the heart of God “

10.- “God leaves you in that darkness for his glory; here is your great spiritual profit “

Edited by Redazione Papaboys sources: Aleteia / Religion en libertad


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  • My daughter and her husband have drifted from Jesus, please pray she will return to the Lord. She is a doctor in a small community and needs Jesus’ mercy, to raise her children and help his husband find his faith again.

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