This Northern Lights is special and heralds secrets

Dearest Father Livio,

It’s the first time I’ve written to you but I’ve been following you with great interest for many years. I find the awareness-raising work he is doing very useful, particularly with the blog, because it helps us understand what time we live in and what direction we are going.

I am sure that many are following her, even in areas that we would not expect, because she touches on topics of vital interest, in the light of faith and the messages of the Queen of Peace.

I agree with you on the fact that Our Lady put her signature on the phenomenon of the Northern Lights, which appeared around four in the morning on September 25th.

In fact, it is known that for the Madonna, 25 is a Sacred number, not only in the New Testament (Annunciation and Christmas), but also in the Old (the 25th is the day of the victory of the Maccabees against the modernism of their time).

However, in my opinion we need to broaden our horizons, taking into consideration all aspects of this Northern Lights which have special connotations.

I would like to establish, for the sake of precision, the elements to be taken into consideration, and then draw the consequences in the light of faith.

  1. First of all, the Aurora Borealis is a rare phenomenon that is seen in the far North of the world, while this time it was seen in many regions of Europe (on November 5th) and even in Lombardy (on September 25th)
  2. Furthermore, it is manifesting itself in a historical moment in which the world gone mad seems to have started a global conflict that will destroy us, given the weapons on the field and the hatred that blinds.
  3. The sign of the Northern Lights was the sign with which Heaven foretold the Second World War, as Sister Lucia of Fatima confirmed to us.
  4. I would add that astronomers have called the current phenomenon “Aurora Borealis 25”, because it will have its maximum manifestation in 2025.
  5. These are objective elements on which we can and must reflect. As a hypothesis, I believe we can say we are in the presence of an extraordinary message from Heaven, which will accompany us until 2025, the year of the Jubilee, which will open the doors to the time of the ten secrets of Medjugorje.

Allow me, dearest Father, a further consideration, which on the surface seems complicated, but which the “Marians” are able to understand.

The second manifestation of the Northern Lights on November 5th occurred between 6 and 7 pm, as the newspapers write, a classic moment of the Medjugorje apparitions.

However, if August 5th, as Our Lady revealed to us, is the day of her birth, it means that the day of her “Immaculate Conception” is November 5th.

What to say? We remain speechless in the face of these unequivocal objective data. Is not Our Lady perhaps here to bring about, in the way of her Son, the salvation of the Church and the world with the triumph of her Immaculate Heart?

Dear Father Livio, I entrust you with these considerations of mine which I hope are useful. I wish to remain anonymous and would appreciate a hint of response.

Ave Maria

Very expensive,

thank you for what you wrote with great capacity for reflection and synthesis. This time we are in the presence of concrete signs that cannot be denied and which must be interpreted in their supernatural meaning.

It does not surprise me that Our Lady wants to prepare us for the time of secrets with a grandiose sign from Heaven which, according to experts, will find its greatest manifestation in 2025, the year of the Jubilee.

In fact, we are in the presence of a crucial passage in the History of Salvation, foretold in Sacred Scripture. This is the first eschatological fight, which will have as its protagonist the Woman dressed in the sun, with a crown of Twelve Stars around her head.

Faced with an indifferent world, which “has decided for death”, the Madonna gives this extraordinary sign in the sky, which she has already given once, but which is now what heralds the decisive battle.

We must expect that in the near future the signs will multiply, to shake up a humanity in disarray, up to the sign par excellence, which will be the one on the hill of the first apparitions of Medjugorje.

However, what Our Lady expects is not a vain curiosity, but our decision to change our lives, to pray and to bear witness to her presence, helping her to save souls.

Ave Maria

Father Livio