Ivan – I can only say the time of secrets will be a time of great trial for the Church. Have we reached the tipping point?

Our Lady showed the visionaries the afterlife to remind us that we are pilgrims on earth.Can you tell us about this experience?

«In 1984 and also in 1988 Our Lady made me see Heaven. She told me the day before. That day, I remember, Our Lady came, took me by the hand and in a moment I arrived in Heaven: a space without borders in the Medjugorje valley, without borders, where songs are heard, there are angels and people walk and sing ; all wear long dresses. People looked the same age … Words are hard to find. Our Lady leads us to Heaven and when she comes every day she brings us a little piece of Paradise ».

Is it fair to say, as Vicka also said, that after 31 years “we are still at the beginning of the apparitions”?

«Many times priests ask me: why do the apparitions last so long? Or: we have the Bible, the Church, the sacraments … Our Lady asks us: “Do you live all these things? Do you practice them? ” This is the question we must answer. Do we really live what we know? Our Lady is with us for this. We know that we must pray in the family and we do not do it, we know that we must forgive and we do not forgive, we know the commandment of love and we do not love, we know that we must do works of charity and we do not do them. Our Lady is so long among us because we are stubborn. We do not live what we know ».

Is it fair to say that the “time of secrets” will be a time of great trial for the Church and for the world?

“Yes. With regard to secrets we cannot say anything. I can only say that it is a very important time, especially for the Church. We must all pray for this intention “.

Will it be a time of trial for faith for the Church?

“It already is a little bit now.”