Surprising revelations: THE SECRETS OF MEDJUGORJE Interview with Father Petar Ljubicic…The first two secrets “contain an important warning for the faithful of the parish of Medjugorje”

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• Father Petar, the visionary Mirjana chose her to reveal the secrets that Our Lady entrusted to her. Do you feel honored or are you afraid of it?
When I heard some evening about 25 years ago in Medjugorje that Mirjana had chosen me to reveal the secrets, at first I believed in a joke. I said it was a very serious thing that we didn’t usually joke about. But then I kept thinking about it. I was wondering: Can it really be true? All this did not leave me indifferent. It was strange for me to imagine why Mirjana should choose me. I considered it a great honor, but also a great responsibility. I can’t explain why, but I wasn’t afraid. When I met Mirjana, she asked me: “Do you know that when the time comes, will you reveal the secrets?” A thought crossed my mind: “But does it seem possible?” I find it difficult to find the right words to express my feelings at that moment. I only know that I felt a sense of happiness and security.

• What can you tell us about the secrets and their content? What message do they contain? When will they be revealed?
The secrets, as the word says, are secret. We know nothing about their content. It can only be said that the secrets concern events that will happen in a certain place and at a certain time. But what will happen, we don’t know. So we shouldn’t even almanaculate about this. We should consider the existence of these secrets as a help for us, so that we take seriously the life that God has given us and exploit the time for our salvation and for the salvation of our soul. This means for us to live in such a way that we can be accountable to God at any time. If we live like this, we are always ready to meet God and to go before Him. This is why we must not even be afraid of revealing the secrets and it is not necessary to ask ourselves about the “when”.

• You will reveal all ten secrets. Can you tell us how it will do it? Our Lady has promised to leave a visible and lasting sign. What secret will it be?
When the time comes to reveal the first secret, ten days before Mirjana will deliver me a kind of parchment, of size of an A4, on which all secrets will be listed in detail. So I’ll read the first secret and find out what will happen after 10 days. Now my task will be to pray and fast for seven days. After these seven days it will be possible for me to disclose this information. I will have to announce what it is and when and where it will happen. Speaking with me, Mirjana pointed out that the first two secrets concern Medjugorje. They contain an admonition and an important warning for the faithful of the parish of Medjugorje. If these two secrets come true, everyone will know that the visionaries have told the truth and we will have to qualify the apparitions as authentic. The third secret will be a visible sign on the Apparition Hill, the Podbrdo. All those who believed in the apparitions and about them have oriented their lives, will enjoy it a lot. But for all men it will be a sign of conversion. We must not forget that this time is a time of conversion and prayer. It is a time of spiritual purification and a time of joyful choice of God. Therefore I would like to stress once again that we must not wait to convert. For example, if we wait for the sign first, it may be too late for us.

• What will happen, according to you, after the disclosure of the first three secrets? What will come of it for Medjugorje?
As I have already said, these apparitions help us to understand that every moment of our life is important. We must live it in total dedication to God and bless it with our prayer. This means always choosing God. Thus we will carry the burden of life more easily. I think the revelation of secrets will help us all become more serious and more aware of our responsibilities. Surely there will be exceptional signs, extraordinary, and great conversions. All the conversions and all the body and spiritual healings that have taken place up to now are proof that Heaven has opened up on Medjugorje and the Queen of Peace has come to us. The revelation of secrets will be a great comfort and a great joy. Above all, those who believed and strived to live according to the Gospel of Jesus Christ will be happy. It is a fact that every year thousands and thousands of pilgrims come to Medjugorje. When the disclosure of the secrets begins, surely more people will come; probably also those that have so far shown no interest. In any case, the future of Medjugorje will be positive. It will become even more a spiritual magnet.

• Shocking conversions and extraordinary healings are proof that authentic healthy appearances. Will the revelation of secrets be decisive for ecclesiastical recognition?
According to my deepest conviction, in Medjugorje there is sufficient and valid evidence for the authenticity of the apparitions. You have just talked about conversions and healings. For a recognition, in addition to several other circumstances, two extraordinary healings that are scientifically documented are already sufficient. So far in Medjugorje we can list hundreds of healings. A doctor from Milan has already published three books on these healings.
I described my personal experiences with the many Medjugorje pilgrims in the books “The call of the Queen of Peace” and “This is the time of grace”. Meanwhile, for over ten years, I have been living abroad and meeting people who testify to me that they could no longer imagine their lives without the Queen of Peace. They speak of indescribable days of grace in Medjugorje. Some, who had incurable diseases, were healed. This is a proof that in Medjugorje God is at work with the intercession of Our Lady.
Surely you are right when you assume that the revelation of secrets will have a decisive importance for ecclesiastical recognition.

• Do you think there is a spatial and temporal connection between the apparitions of the Madonna in Medjugorje and the events in the former Yugoslavia and in Europe?
I believe that such a relationship exists. Our Lady did not come to Medjugorje by accident. On 19.1.1982 a visionary told me that the Madonna had told her that communist totalitarianism (the dictatorship) would collapse. There would have been a war, but Croatia would have been free.

Our Lady invited us to pray so that this tragedy would not become so serious. But unfortunately we did not follow this invitation to prayer and conversion. Therefore we had to cry many victims before reaching freedom. In my opinion, everything would have taken place in a very different way if we had answered Our Lady’s prayers.
There have been and there are people who even fight against these apparitions with all the means at their disposal. I wonder: why? We should rejoice in every conversion and every divine intervention. How can you ignore such positive signs as healings and conversions?

The story of Our Lady’s apparitions shows that she always comes to us when great dangers arise. Only by observing the last 150 years, we see that His maternal love and concern for our needs are manifested in His appearance. With the apparitions, Our Lady wants to avoid the worst. (…)

Source: Interview taken fromn altavisa