Medjugorje: The Pearls of Mary Today July 10, 2019…What Jesus Wants from Us

November 02, 2015 “Dear children, anew I desire to speak to you about love. I have gathered you around me in the name of my Son according to His will. I desire that your faith be firm, flowing forth from love. Because, those of my children who understand the love of my Son and follow it, live in love and hope. They have come to know the love of God. Therefore, my children, pray, pray so as to be able to love all the more and to do works of love. Because, faith alone without love and works of love is not what I am asking of you: my children, this is an illusion of faith. It is a boasting of self. My Son seeks faith and works, love and goodness. I am praying, and I am also asking you to pray, and to live love; because I desire that my Son, when He looks at the hearts of all of my children, can see love and goodness in them and not hatred and indifference. My children, apostles of my love, do not lose hope, do not lose strength. You can do this. I am encouraging and blessing you. Because all that is of this world, which many of my children, unfortunately, put in the first place, will disappear; and only love and works of love will remain and open the door of the Kingdom of Heaven. I will wait for you at this door. At this door, I desire to welcome and embrace all of my children. Thank you!”

A Prayer for the Queen of Peace

I dedicate this prayer on the occasion of the Feast of Our Lady of Capocolonna, heavenly patron of our Diocesan Church of Crotone-Santa Severina, we bless you. Blessed for the wonders that the Father has worked in you for us. Blessed because in the great great faith you have accepted the work of the Holy Spirit giving us Jesus our savior, fruit of your virginal womb. In you, humanity has been reborn as the Mother of Divine Grace. In You, our arduous human journey has encountered the Way and the Gate of Heaven. Mother of our peace, star of our journey! In the difficult moments of everyone’s life and in the affairs of everyone you have been a comfort and refuge, a hope and a stimulus to a continuous resurrection in the life that was given to you in You! We ask you to enlighten us, to unite us and to guide us. Amen