Medjugorje: Miracle of 7 Crosses -A sign sent from Heaven Why are not more people talking about this

This is a powerful video of the miracles that happen on cross mountain and all around Apparition Hill since the first days

This video, which still has no explanation, captures the extraordinary image of seven crosses of light descending on Cross Mountain.

The seven crosses represent the seven wounds of Christ.


The following is Our Lady’s latest 25th message given through Marija September 25, 2021

“Dear children! Pray, witness and rejoice with me because the Most High continues to send me to lead you on the way of holiness. Be aware, little children, that life is short and eternity is waiting for you to give glory to God with your being, with all the saints. Little children, do not worry about earthly things, but long for Heaven. Heaven will be your goal and joy will begin to reign in your heart. I am with you and bless all of you with my motherly blessing. Thank you for having responded to my call.”