Spiritual thought on the message on latest February 25, 2024 message

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Spiritual thought on the message

At the end of the beautiful message of February 25, 2024, Our Lady invites us to be “light, love and my hands outstretched in this world that yearns for God who is love.” this is one of the most beautiful passages. It takes up a theme that the Queen of Peace has proposed several times in recent times, almost as if to balance those messages in which she denounced the spiritual deviations of the modern world: ” the cross and faith are rejected” (25 July 2020) that is, we have become pagans. Very sharp expressions such as «satan reigns» (25 March 2020) «humanity has decided for death» (25 October 2022), which indicate the apostasy which took place above all in the countries of ancient Christianity which considered the Christianity an outdated religion. Therefore we must enter the Age of enlightenment, of reason, emerge from the darkness of the Middle Ages because Christianity would be a dark phase of humanity. Now, however, there would be the new phase where man enters his maturity and freedom, capable of planning his future.

Our Lady revealed to us this drift of the modern world, especially the Christian one. Already at the beginning of the apparitions he had openly referred to the West which must be understood in a broader way, a form of world civilization which is however shared with everyone, including Russia, China and third world countries, even India which proclaimed Brahma his god. In fact, everyone behaves as if they were the masters of the world, that is, capable of designing a new man, a new humanity, replacing God’s Creation, consequently replacing Him. Our Lady has always denounced this but has always given us hope , not only because She is present but also because man even when he deviates, when he is possessed by the power of evil until he enters the state of final impenitence, that is, that total internal decision to belong, to ally himself and share in the kingdom of darkness. Until that state of impenitence is reached, man retains that secret part of himself that God keeps for himself. When winter brings hopeless death, spring struggles to arrive.

The current world – which does not want and rejects God – longs for God who is love, despite everything Our Lady said. This expression that gives us a lot of hope is possible because the human soul is a divine spark. God created man in His image and likeness, He created man capable of God, that is, capable of knowing Him, of loving Him, of entering into intimate union with Him, of serving Him in this life and then enjoying His eternal joy in Heaven in very heart of the Holy Trinity through union with the Son who became man.

There is a goodness in Creation that is difficult to pervert. Angels could realize their union with God or their position to God by transforming into demons in a single instant through their choice. As Saint Thomas Aquinas says, in the first instant God created the angels and raised them to grace, in the second instant they either transformed themselves into servants of God, friends of God or transformed themselves into demons, opponents of God. This process of union or perversion to God, is consummated throughout life, but mortal sin is not easy. The Queen of Peace says that despite this mentality of the world which considers itself “proud” to be an atheist and which does not want God but puts itself in His place, leading to forms of hatred, blasphemy, insult, persecution towards Him and towards all that which is Sacred, we see that even in these pictures of great upheavals and spiritual confusion, there are people who convert. Many times they are people who have slipped very low, however they have not yet become “perverted”, as Pope Francis says: “They have not yet become corrupt” and therefore unrepentant. With the grace of God and with the help of our testimony they can still convert. Our Lady placed this dry and severe expression in the message : “The weeds have taken many hearts and they have become sterile.” Weeds are that grass – which the Gospel also speaks of – very similar to wheat, which when it grows eats the other ears of corn. This weeds are exactly what, in the message of September 25, 2023, Our Lady called modernism within the Church: “Modernism wants to enter your thoughts and steal from you the joy of prayer and the encounter with Jesus” . Already in 1907, with the encyclical Pascendi , Pope Pius The Church was entangled for some decades, before the Second War, in this mentality of modernism, which is a way of thinking according to which there is no supernatural. In its extreme consequence, modernism leads to atheism, as Saint Pius X said, many are already atheists and modernists, others have been deviated. Modernism demolishes all the cornerstones of Christianity, such as the divinity of Jesus Christ, divine Revelation, the Word of God, the Sacraments, reducing the Church to a great humanitarian institution. Our Lady has called the Parish of Medjugorje, the Church and all humanity to this danger.

It is clear that in this message there is an indication of a terrible poison, which is the modernist mentality that deprives man of union with Jesus and Mary, dries up prayer and orientation to the supernatural. Thus, many hearts have become sterile. It’s like when in a wheat field, weeds predominate and the crop goes bad and everything has to be torn up, dug up, cleaned up, reseeded. Redoing that field is not easy, however, these are the miracles that grace performs. In this world where there is apparently a dark blanket that seems impenetrable, Our Lady says not to lose hope. Deep down in the human being there is a part of the soul that the Father has reserved for himself, which yearns for God, for peace. When Our Lady in the message of October 25, 2022 said that humanity has chosen for death, she immediately said that the human heart can change.

The Queen of Peace, after having exhorted us to make our Lenten journey, pointed out to us this danger which makes us sterile, that is, unproductive, without fruit, without a supernatural dimension because we deny it. Not believing in divine revelation in all its expressions that have occurred and that we live in the Church (including the Marian and Jesus apparitions), this weeds that come from the enemy, that is, from those who have an atheistic and materialistic vision of life, would also like the Church was exhausted and entered into this Pantheon of gods. Many have fallen into this apostasy, even priests, it is a battle that is fought day by day.

The gist of the message is this: Our Lady invites us not to be discouraged in the face of this overflowing darkness, to be careful that it does not grasp us, we must be the light. Man aspires to truth, to light, we must be the good which is what man aspires to, we must be love, we must be peace. With the help of God, in our humility, with courage and rigor we do our part, being faithful to God. As a letter of the Apocalypse says: “But since you are lukewarm, that is, you are neither cold nor hot, I am about to throw you up from my mouth.” With courage, let us do what Our Lady told us, we must be her outstretched hands, the light, the love in this world that yearns for God who is love. The Queen of Peace also said that if we bear witness to the truth courageously, by its nature it imposes itself on the human heart, because it was created for truth and light.

I expressed my thoughts to have that incentive to testify because by doing our part there will be the grace of the Holy Spirit working in hearts.