Prophecies of Father Michel Rodrigué for 2024 and 2025: the Rise of 3 Antichrists, World War…

Source: The Forum of Mary

World War, Rise of 3 antichrists, campaign against the seer…

In the last five years, an unprecedented storm has hit our planet. 

Economic crises, wars, pandemics… uncertainty and fear have taken over our hearts.

What’s going on? Is this the end of times? Is there a light at the end of the tunnel?

In search of answers, the renowned scholar Xavier Reyes-Ayral went to see the mystic Father Michel Rodrigue, to learn about the latest prophecies that were revealed to him about the future of humanity.

Prophecies ranging from a world war to the rise of 3 antichrists.

Are we condemned to darkness?

No. Father Michel also offers a message of hope. 

Here we will reveal to you the latest prophecies of Father Michel Rodrigue.

You will discover what the future holds and how we can prepare for the challenges ahead. 

Are you ready to know the truth? Don’t miss what we have to tell you, because it’s time to wake up.

Recently, the researcher of Marian apparitions and author of several books, the Frenchman Xavier Reyes-Ayral, was with the Canadian mystic Father Michel Rodrigue.

Reyes-Ayral worked for years with the greatest researcher of Marian apparitions, Father René Laurentín, and is a continuator of his work.

And he expressed himself in various media about the attack suffered by Michel Rodrigué, saying that there are no differences with what happens to psychics throughout history.

Several falsehoods circulated, such as that Rodrigué claimed to be the exorcist of his diocese, when in reality he was called only on occasions to perform exorcisms.

It was also said that he was sanctioned by his Bishop, when in reality he never was, nor was a file opened against him.

But what happened was that their Bishop published a couple of letters saying that he did not agree with what Father Rodrigué was prophesying about the warning, the third world war, the antichrist, etc.

But he never referred to discrepancies regarding the deposit of faith.

And finally it was blamed on him that the prophecy that Benedict XVI would die as a martyr was not fulfilled.

What was explained by Father Michel, saying that a few days before the death of the Pope Emeritus, he received a message that due to the amount of prayer, fasting and sacrifices of the faithful, that was changed by Heaven.

Which is reminiscent of the destruction of Nineveh preached by Jonah, where the people repented, did penance and God annulled the punishment, because all prophecies are conditional.

But on the other hand, his prophecies about a great tribulation that would appear in 2019 were fulfilled, and then the pandemic came.

And then the war would come, and the war in Ukraine and Gaza came.

According to Reyes-Ayral’s extensive talk with Father Rodrigue, we are on the path to a world war.

The pandemic was the first great massive attack of the evil one.

And the structure of the antichrist needs to develop chaos.

There will be famine, Jesus presented the coming of a black knight, which means famine. 

And he heard that even if you have money, you will not have bread, which means that you may have money but you will not find food.

Governments will then have no choice but to institute martial law. 

And as martial law begins, so will war. 

He says that the devil will start a nuclear war that will be worldwide. 

He prophesies that seven nuclear missiles will be allowed to hit the United States, as a result of their abominations.

But many others will be diverted by the hand of God, because its population will pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. 

The Eternal Father told him that the attack will come from two countries, one is North Korea and the other is Iran.

So, for the arrival of the antichrist, the world has to go through a great crisis: famine, pestilence and death, war, economic collapse.

Although in reality all of these things will happen more or less at the same time. 

The antichrist is a beast that has three heads according to Rodrigé.

One will be political, another will be financial and the other religious.

He said he saw how these forces, although different, come together to form a single entity, a beast that embodies the full manifestation of evil.

The first hides behind politics, bringing chaos and division.

The second will trigger a global economic collapse, uprooting the certainties on which our society is based.

And the third, the most dangerous, will infiltrate the church, disguised as humility and charity, trying to usurp Peter’s own throne.

The political antichrist will come from a country, perhaps not too well known, and will be president there.

He will appear as a mastermind, a person who will come with answers to problems that could not have been solved before by anyone. 

While the religious antichrist will not present himself as a political leader, but as a false prophet, a wolf in sheep’s clothing, ready to deceive even the most devout believers. 

But prior to this the Lord also told him that the Catholic Church will fall, very similar to the apostles who fell into temptation.

It will be transformed into an organization that will work for the Universal Brotherhood.

Trying to gather all humanity to worship one God.

However, this does not work, it does not work this way, Christ was very clear when he was on Earth.

Unless you eat My body and drink My blood, you will not be able to enter My father’s kingdom; Those are the sacraments that only the Catholic Church can offer.

And there is a certain protocol to follow as taught by Our Lord, based on the authority given to the church that Our Lord Jesus Christ founded.

But God will intervene, there will be an illumination of conscience, the warning to every inhabitant of the planet, which Father Michel Rodrigue calls the new Pentecost.

After this experience, there will be a period of six weeks, when God will prohibit the demon from interfering in the normal course of human events.

And human beings will be able to freely choose between good or evil.

During this period there will be very long lines of faithful trying to confess and obtain plenary indulgences.

Father Michel said that after the warning we should get rid of all our televisions, cell phones, etc., because the antichrist will appear and hypnotize people in a way devised by the evil one.

There will be many falsehoods that will come to light.

And after the 6 weeks, there will be a clarification from politicians and scientists, saying that the enlightenment of consciousness was just a sensation produced by the largest solar flares ever recorded.

And how to protect yourself from this?

Rodrigué says that the first protection is confession, the state of grace, the sacraments of the church, reading the Bible and the catechism.

Consecrate our lives and our homes to the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary.

He recommends that each home have an image of the Holy Family blessed by its priest.

Asperger’s water and salt exorcised in the 4 corners of the house.

And if that house will not be your refuge during persecution, then your angel will lead you to another refuge.

It says that it would be a good idea to have food for 3 months and that when you run out it will multiply prodigiously, as seen in the Bible, because you have made an act of trust.

But if accumulation is not possible for economic or space reasons, in any case, we will be nourished.

And he talked about how by eating half a miraculous grape a day, we will have everything we need.