The Miracle Medjugorje Rainbow in USA Photographed .. There is much talk of the prodigious signs that take place. Here is what Our Lady said about them

Roberto Lauri 

Translated From Italian by Google Translator

Generally the Church says very little about the signs of Medjugorje. We do not want to give them too much importance, but at the same time we can not ignore the fact that they continue to occur.

In fact, while the seer Marija was in America in 1988-89, before an apparition, a sign appeared that lasted an hour and a half. This sign were three rainbows that appeared in the sky on January 20, 1989, a winter day without rain in which rainbows do not appear.
A rainbow stretched from horizon to horizon.
Below it was another inverted, inverted rainbow, with its two ends connected to the rainbow that extended to the horizons.
The third rainbow was a normal rainbow with the second touching the top of the third with its inverted top. All those present saw this phenomenon and many managed to photograph it.

The photo depicts two of the three rainbows seen that day.

After receiving several reliable reports that in May 1989 many people saw a sign in Medjugorje, we were able to find the following information:

On Friday May 12, 1989, after the evening Mass, people claimed to have seen various signs on the Mount of the Cross and also on the other side of the apparition hill. These signs were also seen from other cities around Medjugorje, in particular from Ljubuski.

An American pilgrim reports:

” In the first place I saw a big star, and from this big star came out twelve smaller stars forming a circle. The twelve stars then formed a cross, then the letter ‘M’, then other small stars appeared to form the word ‘MIR.’ It lasted about five minutes. 

The church can only validate that the aforementioned sign has been viewed by several reliable sources. To understand more deeply, we bring you the words of Our Lady below.

* 22 October 1981

In answer to the question ” Is the whiteness of the cross a supernatural phenomenon? “Our Lady replied:

– Yes, I confirm it

After many people saw the cross on Mount Krizevac turn into a light and then into a form of the Virgin:

– All these signs are designed to strengthen your faith until I leave the visible and permanent sign.

* 28 October 1981

In answer to the question “Were you there yesterday at Krizevac for half an hour?” Our Lady said:

– Yes, did you not see me?

At the site of the first apparition, hundreds of villagers saw a fire that burned without consuming anything. That evening, Our Lady said to the visionaries:

 The fire seen by the faithful was supernatural. It is one of the signs, a precursor of the great sign

* 22 November 1981

Our Lady explains the cross, the heart and the sun that were seen during an apparition to the visionaries.

– These are the signs of salvation: the cross is a sign of mercy, just like the heart. The sun is the source of light that illuminates us

Also in this case, a luminous figure of the Madonna takes the place of the cross on the Krizevac. The visionaries asked the Holy Virgin if it was her.

– Why do you ask me, my angels? Did not you see me? The world must find salvation while there is time. Let them pray with fervor.May he have the spirit of faith

* 22 April 1982

Regarding the luminous signs seen at the Cross on the Krizevac:

– They are signs of God and not of natural phenomena. ‘S’ and ‘T’ are signs of salvation

* 6 August 1982

That night, after the apparition, two luminous signs in the form of rays of light were seen on the Cross at Krizevac and on the Church. Ivan and a group of young people had prayed on the Apparition Hill. Before the sign appeared, Our Lady said:

– Now, I am going to give you a sign in order to strengthen your faith

Many members of the prayer group saw that sign.

* 15 February 1984

The villagers noticed an icy wind that evening.

– The wind is my sign. I will come in the wind. When the wind blows, know that I am with you. You have learned that the cross represents Christ, it is His sign. It is the same for the Crucifix you have in your home. For me, it’s not the same. When it’s cold, come to church, you want to offer everything to God. I’ll be like that with you. I am with you in the wind. Do not be afraid

* 16 July 1984

After talking about the parish, Our Lady adds:

– … Also, do not fear; in the future there will be signs concerning sinners, unbelievers, alcoholics, and youth. They will accept me again

The signs serve as an impulse for conversion. Our Lady said …

* 2 May 1982

– I came to call the world to conversion for the last time …

The gravity of these apparitions and of many supernatural signs is thus explained.God is trying to communicate, to save man from his current tendency to self-destruct himself.