Demon Possessed victim ‘crawled to ceiling and hovered for 6 hours’ in terrifying exorcism


Ron Feyl-Enright, Archbishop and Chief Exorcist of the Sacred Order of St Michael the Archangel, said exorcisms are “just like Hollywood”, with victims often having grey-like skin

A Catholic exorcist has claimed that he once witnessed a victim possessed by a demon float up to the ceiling and stay there for six hours.

Ron Feyl-Enright, who has taken part in thousands of exorcisms, recalled a particularly disturbing incident while appearing as a guest on the podcast The Conspiracy Show with Richard Syrett.

He said: “In all the years I’ve done this, I could say I’ve just done about 2,000 involving rituals.

“In those 2,000, I’d say maybe I’ve witnessed about at least a dozen times people that would actually levitate.”

Feyl-Enright, the Archbishop and Chief Exorcist of the Sacred Order of St Michael the Archangel, said the levitations always started the same way.

He explained: “And that is that they would actually come up from whatever they were laying in – if they were lying on the floor they’d come up from the floor and all the way up to the ceiling and stay there.

It defies the laws of gravity if you will.

“They would actually be hovering just overhead and it’s a series of prayers and focusing in on what is actually taking place, focusing in would be where the priest would be largely responsible along with his assistant and any investigators that were in the room.


“Because everyone is praying. And so, the individual would slowly, slowly come down, we had one individual that was up there for six hours and no-one knew, really, what to do.

“As a result, I’m standing there and another bishop who’s an exorcist, he’s standing there and he’s never witnessed this before either.”

Describing typical exorcisms, the holy man also claimed the scenes were “just like Hollywood” and described the victims of possession and having unhealthy greyish skin “like a cadaver”.

Afflicted people would curse priests in Latin and use the psychic powers of demons to do so, he added.

Feyl-Enright said: “The individual would actually say words and in some cases it’s in Latin and in some cases it’s actually in languages they have never been taught.