“From Fatima to Medjugorje, The Madonna Files is the most prophetic novel of our times” Is it possible that God through his Messenger the Mother of Christ is sending America a prophetic message that holds the secret of our future?

Is it possible… ​That there exists a Marian prophecy that holds the secret of America’s future and that this prophecy is revealing itself in America right now. Is it possible that God, through his Messenger the Mother of Christ, is sending America a prophetic message of what is yet to come?​

From Fatima to Medjugorje: The prophetic mysteries found inside The Madonna Files are true – all have been documented by renowned theologians – but the prophecies are revealed to the reader in a fast-paced, riveting narrative style that the reader will find hard to put down.  “The Madonna Files is the most prophetic book of our times” Bill McIntosh https://www.ocasomedia.net

Kyddyl 5.0 out of 5 stars Dan Brown Move Over.Verified Purchase “Well written, fast-paced and as good as it gets in suspense. Catholics will especially like this one.”


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“…A great book ..a fascinating, fast-paced thriller, written in a strong voice, filled with rich dialogue, complex and colorful characters, a story-line that tackles the most meaningful, religious and political subjects in the world. It is an impressive work…Move over Dan Brown, I was blown away!” – DANIEL KLIMEK…Br. Daniel Maria Klimek, T.O.R., is a Franciscan friar and an Assistant Professor in the theology department at the Franciscan University of Steubenville. 

“A Powerful book of adventure and faith” – FRANK SCHAEFFER New York Times best selling author

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“I could not put this book down. It’s written in a style, with short chapters, that begs you to read “just a little more!” If you have ever read any of Joel Rosenberg’s novels, you MIGHT enjoy this book. I say “might” because this is end times from a Catholic perspective: just as Joel Rosenberg writes from an evangelical perspective that forces me to gloss over some descriptions, “The Madonna Files” has a Catholic perspective that many evangelicals will find offensive. Yet, it’s these very things that might be offensive that must be considered.

One thing the book does is tied together Marian apparitions around the world, where Mary pleaded with people to pray and do penance to return to God, or there would be chastisements. Going from the genocide in Rwanda (where Mary had appeared 10 years earlier with warnings about rivers of blood) to Fatima in 1917 (where Mary warned if we did not repent and pray another, more devastating war would break out) to the Tilma of Our Lady of Guadalupe, where an image “painted by God”, gave a direction and hope for both the Spanish colonizers and the natives. In the image of Guadalupe, we see a mestizo woman, one who is both Spanish and Mexican. It showed that these two groups should join together in peace. This peace lasted for almost 300 years, in Central and South America, until the Freemasons came to power in the region. In the lands of Protestant America, though, such a message was rejected as “Mariolatry”. Slavery was embraced and the Native American populations were wiped out. Ultimately, this Protestant rejection of respecting other races came to a head when Texas, having been settled by Protestants, rebelled against the Catholic government of Mexico in 1836 in order to allow the settlers to keep their slaves. A case is made in the book that this ultimately sparked the Civil War as a chastisement against the USA.

“The Madonna Files” are a collection of documents (including a letter stolen from the Pope’s apartment) that many in the hierarchy of the Church believe hold the key to the future of the Church — something so important that one faction decides it’s worth killing for. Father Dan Baronowski has been tasked by representatives of the Pope to find these documents and return them to Rome. Helped by his friend and former fiancee Rene Esterbrook (a history professor at Georgetown University) they decode the last of the clues, but not before they are on the run, pursued by a Russian hit man. The contents of the Files may provide the information needed to prevent a war breaking out with Russia, if they can survive and get the Madonna Files to the right people in time.

This has as many historical clues as a Dan Brown novel, with the advantage that Stephen Ryan took the time to verify his history instead of just making it up. It is action-packed, thrilling, and one that will provoke a lot of debate and discussion.”

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Synopsis of The Madonna Files

The story begins at Hotel Bellagio on the banks of Lake Como, Italy where Cardinal Endellicotta and business tycoon, Carl Beckett, discuss the dying pope, a stolen letter rumored to contain hidden secrets of the Virgin Mary, and Beckett’s Russian tramp freighter carrying WMD’s that has disappeared in the Persian Gulf on its way to Iran.   The missing cargo ship is the lynchpin to Carl Beckett’s elaborate false flag scheme designed to pull the United States into a large-scale military conflict with Iran and Russia. 
As news of the cargo ship’s communication blackout makes its way up national security food chains across the globe, tensions begin to rise between Russia, Israel, Iran, and the United States. 
Back in Rome the Pope is on life support and Vatican power brokers maneuver favored candidates as they prepare for the next Papal conclave inside the Sistine Chapel which could begin anyday. Traditionalist prelates, alarmed at the growing prospects of a rival Cardinal, are determined to change the direction of the Church and will stop at nothing to see their man sit in the Chair of St.Peter’s.
Across the ocean in Washington, D.C., Rome’s chief “Miracle Detective”,  Father Dan Baranowski, finds himself a pawn in the Vatican power struggle. He also finds himself on the run. With lives at stake, including his ex-fiance, Rene Estabrook, and new friend, Tucker Finn, his only way out is to find the handwritten letter stolen from the Pope’s apartment.  Kept secret for decades, the letter is believed to contain a sensational prophecy of the future of the Catholic Church, the rise of Christianity in Russia and the fate of mankind. 
As Father Dan closes in on the location of the letter, the President of the United States gathers his national security team to discuss options and Russia moves an aircraft carrier towards the cargo ship. 
While Russia and the United States look for a solution to the growing crisis, they learn that Israel has boarded the tramp freighter and refuses to release the vessel back to Moscow authorities who claim to have jurisdiction of the Russian flagged cargo ship.     
As the nuclear powers with hair-triggers lay claim to the fate of the doomed ship, a set of unexpected events leads to a colossal accident that ignites a series of retaliations that spirals out of control with catastrophic consequences for the world.
With the letter finally in his hands, Father Dan glances at his phone and sees the news of the international crisis.  Father Dan, Rene and Tucker then look up at the cloudy D.C. sky and understand they are standing in the middle of the bullseye and need to find a way out of Washington as fast as possible.