75 Years ago – The terrible prophecy of the third secret of Fatima was known on January 3, 1944. Why Sr.Lucia struggled to write the secret down on paper.”I see cataracts between thunder and lightning, the rivers and seas that overflow and flood and the souls that sleep the sleep of death! “.

Source La Luce Di Maria (Translated by Google)

It is known that, between May 13 and October 13, 1917, three shepherds from Fatima, Francisco, Jacinta and Lucia, were witnesses of six apparitions of Our Lady. During those six apparitions, the Blessed Virgin gave them prophetic messages, which were revealed later, according to the permission of the Holy See .

If the first two secrets were unveiled in 1942 and concerned the world war (the second), the development and the threat of communist Russia and its atheist ideology, the third secret was unveiled in 2000, by the will of St. John Paul II. It concerned the evil of the Church and its possible influence on the Holy Father .

Traces of the message contained in the third secret of Fatima have been shared over the years by various religious experts and groups, but this information differed from those contained in the actual message, later shared by Pope John Paul II. It is thought that the religious experts who shared the message, over the years, were not aware of its full version, but they still wanted to share the summary, for fear that Sister Lucia could die before she revealed it.

Third secret of Fatima: it was necessary to reveal it before Sister Lucia died

The fear that Sister Lucy might die, before the Holy See revealed the third secret, was also a fear of the Bishop of Lisbon, Monsignor José Alves Correia da Silva, who, between 1943 and 1944, asked Sister Lucia to write down the message of Our Lady. He was worried that she would get sick before she wrote the third secret down.

The last book of inquiry on the mystery of Fatima, written by Saverio Gaeta and entitled ‘The Book of Fatima, the whole truth’ is based on the words written in that diary.

Thanks to the writing of Gaeta, we have come to know that, five times, Sister Lucia was unable to write down what the Bishop asked him: “I knelt near the bed, which sometimes serves as a table for write, and I tried again, without being able to do anything ; what impressed me most was that I could easily write anything else. I then asked Our Lady to let me know what God’s will was. And I went to the chapel.I felt then that a friendly, loving and maternal hand touched my shoulder, I looked up and saw the dear heavenly Mother “.

Third secret of Fatima: Our Lady explained to Sister Lucy what to do

Sister Lucia could not explain why she was prevented from carrying out her task, so she questioned Our Lady about it, who said to her: “Do not be afraid, because God wanted to prove your obedience, faith and humility; be calm and write what you order, but not what is given to you of its meaning. After writing it, put it in an envelope, close it and seal it and write it out “which can be opened in 1960 by the Cardinal Patriarch of Lisbon or the Bishop of Leiria”. That day was January 3, 1944.

After that “supernatural imposition”, Sister Lucia was again able to write and delivered the message in full to Monsignor Alves. The Bishop of Leira was relieved: he had an anticipation of the message years before, and, given its importance, he considered it an obligation to deliver it to the faithful, so that everyone, known the gravity of the situation, could put themselves in God’s hands.

Here are the words that the visionary gave to the Bishop of Lisbon, in 1938: “I see, in the immense light that is God, the earth shake and tremble before the breath of His voice: cities and villages buried, razed to the ground, swallowed ; mountains of defenseless people; I see the cataracts between thunder and lightning, the rivers and seas that overflow and flood and the souls that sleep the sleep of death! “.