Signs of End Times Prophecy – Priest and Catholic Mystic believe America is becoming a demon-infested society – The world is showing sign of demonic possession.

Unlike any time in recent memory, the United States seems almost hopelessly divided along political land cultural lines. Our country seems to be torn apart and hurtling out of control, heading towards some dangerous unknown destiny.

Cloaked in a struggle for ‘human rights’, and ‘unity’ a cultural revolution is taking place in America and on the world stage that is slowly turning into open totalitarianism.

Exorcist Fr. Stephen Rossetti sees something sinister attached to the  darkness that seems to be descending over America

Fr. Stephen Rossetti: “America is being influenced by demons, and the signs are abundant, according to a seasoned exorcist.”

Monsignor Stephen Rossetti, exorcist for the diocese of Syracuse and research associate professor at the Catholic University of America made these observations on June 11 in his online journal, Exorcist Diary. In his diary, Rossetti warns of what he sees as signs of America’s demon-infested society.

God usually keeps Satan on a tight chain. His power and actions are limited.

However, in this time, it appears that the Prince of this World has been almost completely unleashed. It used to be that Satan did his evil in a hidden way. Now, it is open warfare.

Holy statues are pulled down; sacred images are being desecrated. Religion is being mocked and God’s laws are rejected. One of the strongest signs of Satan’s presence is a hatred for the Catholic Church. Churches are burning.

Another strong sign of Satan’s presence is discord, violence and death. We see these everywhere. The increasing civil discord in this country has erupted into open conflict.

“I love America … but it needs help,” Rosetti says. “We [exorcists] typically do assessments of individuals who may have demonic activity. If one were to assess our country as a whole right now, there are strong signs of our country being demonically oppressed,” observed Rossetti.

Rossetti writes in his diary that signs of demonic oppression in a nation are similar to those found in people. Discord is one sign, he says.

“The level of discord in this country is through the roof,” he observes.

In the past few months, America has experienced a plethora of riots, looting, attacking of statues, and demands to change names of military bases.

Mystic Luz De Maria recently received a message with a dire warning: “

My beloved Mother has told you in advance that evil has prepared human creatures to serve it and to be those in charge of the aberrant sins of this generation. Satan delights in leading My People into chaos by following the trails of demonic ideas with which humanity is crucifying Me again and again. Evil takes pleasure in watching man suffer more and more in order to discourage him, and thus, to surrender to what is easy, even if he thereby loses his soul. Beloved people, remain ready to be tested in your Faith (I Pet 1,7) by those who control humanity and are in charge of the single religion, which excludes Me, as it is not My Will but the creation of the human will for purposes of world domination. Be aware that Faith will be tested in all aspects of human life, since on My People’s journey, religion, education, moral formation, the economy… imply Faith in Me, so that you would persevere in the face of obligations imposed by the world order.  Human beings are being cornered by global power, which sullies human dignity, leading people to great disorder, acting under the dominion of the spawn of Satan, consecrated beforehand by their own free will.

Our Lady at Medjugorje has also warned of increasing demonic activity:

“The devil prowls around us and sets traps. He tries to divide and confuse us so that we will detest ourselves and abandon ourselves to him. An invisible war rages all around us, but Our Lady is here to help us win.” There are those who attempt, even in the name of religion, to end it.

Medjugorje Prophecy January 25, 2019

Dear children! This is a time of grace, a time of mercy for each of you. Little children, do not permit that the wind of hatred and peacelessness rule in you and around you. You, little children, are called to be love and prayer. The devil wants peacelessness and disorder, but you, little children, be the joy of the risen Jesus who died and resurrected for each of you. He conquered death to give you life, eternal life. Therefore, little children, witness and be proud that you have resurrected in Him. Thank you for having responded to my call. 

Vatican envoy, retired Archbishop Hoser of Poland,  wrote these powerful words on Christmas eve:  ”The cultural revolution in the end always has a Marxist character.  Today we are witnessing the relativization of life in which a person qualifies as useful or useless. Those marked as useless are removed from society. Such a cultural revolution underlies all dictatorships such as Italian fascism, German Nazism or Soviet communism.”

It remains to be seen if the progressive, godless, left can show signs of understanding the importance of respectfully accepting differences. If the left insists that those who have questions about things like “climate change”, are exhibiting dangerous thoughts, then America is on a path to a totalitarian state. Americans will face a dystopian future where street corners, office buildings, even our own homes will have the ambience of clean, corporate, lifeless airport terminals where somebody is always watching. “See something, say something.” will be the pledge of allegiance.