On Apparition Hill: After seeing a light, “a marvelous light, a living halo”, wheelchair-bound woman walks down the hill.

“One evening just before Easter 2005, a lady approached me and put a medal of the Madonna in my hands, telling me that the medel had been blessed during the apparition in Medjugorje and  she thought I needed the medel more than she did. 
I took it and as soon as I got home I put it around my neck.

The story of Silvia

Monday, June 20, 2005,  Silvia, in a wheelchair, headed by bus to Medjugorje.
Once there, they headed straight to apparition and some people offered to carry her up the hill of apparitions, becasue the wheelchair could not make it.

That evening, the Virgin Mary would speak with the visionary Ivan , while Silvia Buso prayed, so that the Lord would help her to accept her condition. 
After a while, she glimpsed a light in the night sky over the statue of the Madonna, which lasted for as long as the apparition. “It was a marvelous light, soft and restful, constant unlike the flashes and torches that lit up and turned off continuously: it was a living halo “.

Medjugorje: Silvia fell as dead

At the end of the evening and after the intense prayers of all, the same people who had carried her Silvia Buso up the hill began to bring her back down to the valley. 
Someone stumbled and the girl fell hard on the stones which marked her back and head, as well as her legs. 
They picked her immediately, but she no longer showed signs of life.

All this lasted for some interminable minutes, in which they even gave her up as a “dying soldier.” 
Then, Silvia Buso opened her eyes, as if she were suddenly awakened. Then she said: “I am healed, I am healed, I can walk!” 
She later told of feeling that she had landed on a mattress, while a voice told her to stay calm and serene.

Silvia Buso made the way back from the hill of the apparitions with her own legs . 
Her recovery also helped her whole family to intensify the practice of faith. 
In Medjugorje, to date, hundreds of hundreds of miracles have been documented; many concern the body, as in the case of Silvia Buso, others the spirit. In any case, one can not disregard the others because they complete and transform the existence and the vision of life on this earth and elsewhere.

Antonella Sanicanti