That incredible day when the devil went to ‘confess’ to Padre Pio….”PADRE PIO: “MEN ARE RUNNING TOWARD THE ABYSS OF HELL”



“One morning, while I was confessing the men, a tall, slender gentleman appeared, dressed in a certain refinement and polite, gentle manner. Kneeling this stranger begins to reveal his sins that were of every kind against God, against the neighbor, against morality: all aberrant.

One thing struck me. For all the accusations, even after my rebuke, made as evidence of the word of God, the magisterium of the Church, the morality of the saints, this enigmatic penitent countered my words justifying, with great skill and sought after grace, every kind of sin, emptying it of any malice and trying at the same time to make all sinful acts normal, natural, humanly indifferent.

And this not only for the sins that were gruesome against God, Jesus, Our Lady, the Saints, who indicated with irreverent overtones without ever mentioning them, but also for the sins that were morally so dirty and crude to touch the bottom of the most disgusting abyss.

The answers, which this enigmatic penitent gave to my arguments from time to time, with skillful subtlety and with muffled malice, impressed me. I said, “Who is this?” From what world is it? “


And I tried to fix theperson well in the face to possibly read something between the folds of his face; and at the same time, I sharpened my ears to every word so that none of them escaped me to weigh them in their full range.

At a certain moment, through a vivid and shining interior light, I clearly perceived who was standing before me. And in a decisive and imperious tone I told him: “Tell Jesus, live Mary”. Just pronouncing these powerful names, satan disappeared instantly in a flash of fire, leaving behind an unbearable stench.

Padre Pio to Father Tarcisio da Cervinara.