Medjugorje Mystic Jelena’s vision of pain. The Queen of Peace shows Jelena Africa, America .. “Is there anyone who loves us, is there someone who will give us some rain and some bread?…The mother cried and the child died.” Our lady was sad…

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Medjugorje Mystic Jelena tells a vision of pain:

When the Mother of God appeared I saw a light so strong that it hurt my head. Then my eyes began to ache, then my ears and my teeth; then the pain also spread to the arms and knees, to the feet, and in the end my whole body hurt.

The Mother of God through the light said twice: “Pray, so that my love may extend over the whole world”, Then I felt like I was reborn.

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The Mother of God repeats: “Pray! This will give you the strength to commit yourself for the purposes of the Queen of Peace! “Something told me that this time I would have a sad vision; therefore I prayed to the Mother of God that she did not show herself that night, because I did not want to be sad.

But she said, “You must see the miseries of this world. Come on, I’ll show you. Let’s look at Africa ». And she showed me people who built clay houses; The boys wore straw. Then I saw a mother with her baby: she was crying. She got up and went to another house to ask people there if they had something to eat, because her baby was dying of hunger, they told her that they had already used the little water that was left. When the mother came back to the child she cried, and the child asked her, “Mom, are they all like that in the world?” She replied that she thought not and he asked again: “Mom, why are we really hungry?” The mother cried and the child died.

Then another house appeared where another woman, always black, had just put in order and saw that there was nothing left to eat. The children had also eaten the last crumbs, there was nothing left. And everyone – there were so many in front of the house – said: “Is there anyone who loves us, is there someone who will give us some rain and some bread?” The mother whose child had died wondered if there was someone who loved her.

Then the Mother of God said she would show me Asia: there was war. I saw big ruins, and near a man who killed the other. It was terrible. They shot themselves and the men screamed in fear. “Then I saw America. They showed me a very young boy and girl. They smoked, and the Virgin explained to me that it was a drug; He also showed me some who were injecting it. I felt a great pain in my head when I saw a brother who stabbed the other to the heart. The victim was a soldier. “

Eventually I saw some people praying and being happy, and I was a little relieved. Then the Mother of God blessed everyone! “