Prophecy from Medjugorje: “As individuals, you cannot stop the evil that wants to begin to rule in this world and to destroy it. But, all together, with my Son, you can change everything and heal the world.”


Dear children; Today I call you to be born anew in prayer and through the Holy Spirit, to become a new people with my Son; a people who knows that if they have lost God, they have lost themselves; a people who knows that, with God, despite all sufferings and trials, they are secure and saved. I call you to gather into God’s family and to be strengthened with the Father’s strength. As individuals, my children, you cannot stop the evil that wants to begin to rule in this world and to destroy it. But, according to God’s will, all together, with my Son, you can change everything and heal the world. I call you to pray with all your heart for your shepherds, because my Son chose them. Thank you. 

Source: Papaboys Translated from Italian by Google

The earth has never seen anything like it. It will appear suddenly, as if from nothing, or directly from the sky itself. It will come in such a way that people will have no terms to describe it. It will appear on the ground, can be seen and photographed, but can not be touched. Already today a webcam is constantly resuming the point where it will appear.


But first of all it will make many more people believe. According to the visionaries, one day a permanent sign will appear on the site of the first apparition. Beautiful and indestructible, the sign will lead to many conversions. According to Marija, there will also be healing.


“Of course, it will be clear to everyone that it is not something built and assembled. No one will be able to say that it was brought and placed in that particular place by, say, someone from Medjugorje, “Mirjana told the Catholic author-journalist Michael H. Brown in 2002.


Medjugorje: Enormous Grace and the Possibility of Believing

The Permanent Sign is the third secret known by the visionaries of Medjugorje. It is the only secret known to all the seers.

At least four of them also know when the sign will appear.

Since the first two secrets have been made and belong to the past at the time of the third secret, the sign will be perceived and experienced by people in the light of the first two secrets, or at least in light of the first Mirjana said that “will make people shake “And” will make people look at themselves in a new light “.

The Permanent Sign is destined to change more hearts because it has been preceded by the first two secrets. And according to the visionaries, changing hearts is all that the sign will concern.


More than anything, they say, the sign will be given to those who do not believe: “The third secret concerns the sign that Our Lady will leave here, on the mountain of apparitions. This sign will remain forever. It will be given above all for those people who are still far from God. Our Lady wants to give these people who will see the sign another chance to believe in God, “Vicka told Radio Maria in January 2008.


A previous interview with Mirjana supports Vicka’s statements.

“They will perceive the sign as a place where they can be converted. They will go to the mountain to pray and they will be forgiven “, Mirjana prophesied in 1983.


“When the permanent sign comes, people will come here from all over the world in even greater numbers. Many others will believe, “said Jakov.

A Test for the Hearts

However, according to the visionaries, there will also be people who will see the sign and still will not believe it, or who will not receive the impulse to convert that instead many other people will receive seeing it:

“I want to tell those people who will see and do not believe, that Our Lady leaves everyone free to believe or not, but these are those whose hearts are too closed. It is the same thing that Our Lady told us:

If one wants to go to Heaven, he will go to Heaven. If one wants to go to hell, he will go to hell