It is the 27th day of the month! Petition to Our Lady for the miraculous medal to be recited today – May 27, 2020

The feast of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal  is one of the most heartfelt devotions in the panorama of the Marian days of the Catholic Church. And thousands of miracles attributed to this prayer with  testimonies that continue to increase steadily over the years.


To be recited at 17.00 on 27 November, the  feast of the Miraculous Medal , on every 27th of the month and in every urgent need.

Blessed Virgin of the Miraculous Medal
Today, 27 May 2020, the Supplication of the miraculous medal is to be said

The Miraculous Medal, the first of the great Marian messages!

The minting of the first specimens of the Miraculous Medal marked the rebirth of faith, the flourishing of prayer and the multiplication of conversions and healings due to Mary “conceived without sin”.


The miraculous medal was requested everywhere , both from private individuals and from parishes, Dioceses, through priests and bishops and the invocation “O Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who turn to you” became the most widespread accumulation in those years, preparing the hearts of all Catholics for the solemn proclamation, made by Pope Pius IX on 8 December 1854, of the dogma of the Immaculate Conception.


O Immaculate Virgin, we know that always and wherever you are willing to answer the prayers of your exiled children in this valley of tears, but we also know that there are days and hours in which you take pleasure in spreading the treasures of your graces more abundantly.

Well, oh Mary, here we are prostrate in front of you, on that very day and now blessed, chosen by you for the manifestation of your Medal.

madonna miraculous medal
Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal


We come to you, filled with immense gratitude and unlimited trust, in this hour so dear to you, to thank you for the great gift you have given us by giving us your image, so that it could be a testament of affection and pledge of protection for us.

We therefore promise you that, according to your desire, the holy Medal will be the sign of your presence with us, it will be our book on which we will learn to know, following your advice, how much you have loved us and what we must do, so that many sacrifices of yours and your divine Son are not useless.

Yes, your pierced Heart, represented on the Medal, will always rest on ours and make it palpitate in unison with yours. He will light him with love for Jesus and fortify him to carry his cross behind him every day.

This is your hour, O Mary, the hour of your inexhaustible goodness, of your triumphant mercy, the hour in which you made the torrent of graces and wonders that flooded the earth through your Medal. Do, Mother, that this hour, which reminds you of the sweet emotion of your Heart, which prompted you to come to visit us and bring us the remedy for many evils, make this hour also our hour: the hour of our sincere conversion, and hour of full fulfillment of our vows.

We ask you for your Immaculate Conception and for the love that led you to give us your precious Medal. O Comforter of the afflicted, who already touched you on our miseries, look at the evils from which we are oppressed. Let your Medal spread your beneficial rays upon us and all our loved ones: heal our sick, give peace to our families, avoid us from any danger. Bring your Medal comfort to those who suffer, consolation to those who cry, light and strength to all.

But especially allow, O Mary, that in this solemn hour we ask you for the conversion of sinners, especially those who are dearest to us. Remember that they too are your children, that you have suffered, prayed and cried for them. Save them, o Refuge of sinners, so that after having loved you all, invoked and served you on earth, we can come to thank you and praise eternally in Heaven. So be it. Hello Regina


O Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who turn to you, and for all those who do not turn to you, in particular for the enemies of the Holy Church and for those who are recommended to you.