This Man Thinks in 2025 Something Important with the Secrets will happen

Dearest father Livio. His broadcast Christian reading of news and history is increasingly interesting and indispensable for understanding how all of human history is in the hands of God who always works for our good.

Speaking of the duration of the secrets, it occurred to me that I had heard, in one of her interviews with Vicka, that the visionary herself said that after the third secret they would all come one after the other, alluding, I imagine, to the duration.

 I thought that this will allow those who open their hearts to Grace in the first three secrets to convert, but that then the progress of the following secrets will be so fast that there will be little possibility of conversion and that the tribulation will, thank God, be not long lasting.

 If possible, I hope for your response. May God bless you and protect you always because we need guides like you so much. Ave Maria!

Fabrizio from Belluno 

Dear Fabrizio,

We know nothing about the duration of the time of the secrets, but the seers know the date of each secret. Mirjana in particular received a parchment on which for each secret are written what happens, where it happens, the exact moment in which it happens and the duration of each event. I don’t know that there is such an accurate description in other revelations.

This is a sign to us that what has been established in Heaven will timely happen here on earth. Something like this happened in Fatima when Our Lady announced a sign for the apparition on October 13th. Even the sign (the Northern Lights) that Our Lady had predicted for the start of the world war goes in this direction. Nothing, however, that can be compared to the secrets of Medjugorje, which are intended to shake the disbelief of the entire world.

In my opinion the first three secrets will take a lot of time, because they have a pedagogical purpose of preparation. In particular, the third will be a global shock and, for the Church, an invitation to the supernatural recognition of the apparitions.

Instead, the fourth to the tenth secrets could follow one after the other with a certain rapidity, as Vicka would have said. I also remember hearing it, but at this moment I can only quote it from memory.

As regards the beginning and end of the secrets, there would be two dates that are very important in Heaven: 2025, the year of the Jubilee and 2033, the second millennium of the Redemption. In any case, the secrets are already maturing in the world and in the Church and the announcement of the first secret will be a trumpet blast that will shake world public opinion.

As for the Priest who is supposed to reveal the secrets, the problem is not so simple. In fact, in my opinion, the permission of the ecclesiastical authority would be necessary. Our Lady will arrange things as she wishes.

Ave Maria

Father Livio