Jesus Reveals Tribulation Shelters: Exclusive Visions from Deacon John Martínez

Source : The Forum of Mary

What the Shelters will be like inside, and who will access them.

As the world reels and prophecies announce a time of purification for humanity, a question arises: Do Refuges exist for the times of tribulation to come?

Several mystics have received visions of places of protection for those who remain faithful, Refuges prepared by God.

However, the doubt persists. Are these Refuges real or just fantasies? 

Today, we present to you as the scoop the visions of American deacon John Martínez. 

For more than 30 years, Jesus and Mary have been revealing details about these Shelters: what they will be like, how people will live in them and how to get to them.

Their testimony opens a window into an uncertain future, providing hope and answers to the questions that torment us.

Join us in discernment. Let us explore together the visions of Deacon Martínez and expand our understanding of the Refuges for times of tribulation.

John Martinez is a retired deacon from Texas, who went through 34 years of visions and training from Jesus and Mary, about events that will happen in the future.

In 2014 he began to write his visions, which had the approval of Monsignor Enda Mckenna who was his Spiritual Director.

It all started in 1979, when around 3 in the morning, his wife woke him up screaming that a man dressed as a monk was kneeling next to the bed praying for him. 

She pointed it out, but John couldn’t see it. 

And a few months later, his wife recognized in a photo that he was Padre Pio.

The spiritual director at the time, Father Thomas Flanagan, who would later also become Bishop, guided him toward a charismatic community.

And from there the visions increased.

And subsequently, Father Flanagan encouraged him to apply for the permanent diaconate program and he was ordained in 1982.

But already in the fall of 1979 Our Lord showed him a vision of the future, about the events to come.

The Lord told him that the Texas hill country was going to be a “Refuge” for the future and that he was going to play a role in His plan. 

He indicated to him that it would be the Blessed Virgin and the Holy Spirit who would prepare these Refuges for the time of tribulation that was coming.

He said that many people would come and it would be a place where sin would not exist.

And where His Holy Presence would be the protection of the refugees.

He also told him that there would be many Refuges throughout the Earth to protect God’s people.

That there would be seven people he had selected to prepare each shelter.

And that as His Plan unfolded, He would know them by His Spirit.

And later, while he was praying before the Blessed Sacrament, the Blessed Virgin appeared to him and he was taken up to heaven in prayer.

I could see the Earth, but it was completely black. 

He asked her why, and she replied that this darkness was due to the sin of man that covered the Earth. 

But as he descended, he saw small white lights in various places on Earth. 

And She told him that those white lights were shelters that She was preparing, to protect the children of God from all the evil that was going to surround them. 

And that the black areas would be destroyed, because the world needed to be cleansed before His Son came.

The refuges were for God’s people, who were going to enter a new era of peace.

And when he went down further, he asked the Virgin why each shelter was covered by a thin dome. 

And She explained to him that each Refuge would be protected by the Grace and Glory of God. 

And that no evil would see or know where each refuge was.

He showed him how the Lord would provide food and protection to those who were invited to the Refuge. 

He revealed to him how the angels would help and that some of its inhabitants would leave the shelter to take people there.

And as he was shown the events to come, John asked if he could tell him more about the Shelters. 

And Our Lady asked him to look up and he saw hundreds of angels flying and carrying many sacred objects to the Refuges. 

It looked like an evacuation, like something bad was going to happen and they were fleeing.

He also saw angels carrying old people, children and many people in distress. 

He felt that this was a preparation for the final spiritual battle.

And in an instant, he was transported inside the shelters.

He saw hundreds of believers working in harmony and love. 

He saw angels all over the shelter helping and working with people. 

The prayer was continuous. 

He saw holy priests giving the sacraments to the community. 

Each person had been assigned a task.

There was no “sin,” and all who had been afflicted with various diseases were instantly healed.

All people were equal to each other, and the leaders chosen by God were more servants than people of authority , as we know them in the world today. 

In this way, God will gather His remnant Church.

And then he explained how to prepare.

Those who are in union with the Blessed Virgin and the Holy Spirit will be warned 30 days before certain events occur. 

To find our place of refuge, we must first find ourselves

The Lord taught him that he should seek Him first and that all things would be revealed to him in due time.

And that now we must open ourselves to the Holy Spirit guiding us toward other brothers and sisters who have the same sense of urgency. 

They explained what the process will be like.

First, there will be a Notice. 

God will give everyone a second chance to choose Him or the evil one. 

And then the tribulation will break out, during which he was shown different parts of the country that would no longer exist, as well as entire countries.

There will be a shift of tectonic plates around the world.

But it will not be a man-made calamity, but natural disasters. 

However, all those in the Havens will be protected when God’s fiery wrath destroys all evil on Earth.

No evil will escape this necessary purification.

He noted that inside the shelter, everyone was aware of what was happening outside the shelters, in the “world.”

And he saw that outside it seemed that all the demons of hell had been unleashed.

Nations fought among themselves. 

And as he saw himself walking with a group of young people taking other people to the shelter, he saw a nuclear explosion that lit up the sky and then another one almost side by side.

No one was saved, but the Shelters were intact and everyone inside was praying and uniting with Our Lady.

Destruction and despair were omnipresent in the world. There was no hope. 

He saw soldiers from different countries on American soil. He looked like a nightmare. 

The absence of God was very strong and despair was very present.

The presence and smell of evil were omnipresent in the air. 

John Martínez maintains that the Refuges will be the Heart and Love of Our Blessed Mother.

And to those who worry about not knowing where to go to find shelter, he says, I assure you: don’t worry! 

Continue praying to Our Lady, united with Her. 

If we are in constant and sincere prayer and communication with Our Lord and the Blessed Virgin, we will be directed to where and when we need to go.

The first and main Refuge is the Blessed Virgin and by surrendering to Her, she will direct us on what to do.

Well, that’s it, what we wanted to tell about the visions that were given to Deacon John Martínez, about the Refuges for the time of tribulation in which the Earth will be purified.

And I would like to ask you if you believe that God has prepared Shelters for the time of tribulation or do you consider that it is just a human fantasy to alleviate fear.