In rare talk, Jakov describes the “Permanent sign”

Our Lady promised to leave a mark 

We report a part of the interview of Father Livio Fanzaga made to the visionary Jakov where we talk about the ten secrets given by the Madonna.

FATHER LIVIO: I wanted to return to a topic that perhaps you visionaries don’t like very much, but people are interested in and not just out of vain curiosity: that of secrets. It seems to me that something is known about them. For example regarding the third secret.

JAKOV: Now, I’ll tell you all I can tell you and that’s it.


It is enough for us to know what Our Lady wants us to know.

JAKOV: As many know, Our Lady from the beginning told us that she would give ten secrets to everyone (the six seers).

It is something much more demanding than Fatima, at least in terms of numbers.

JAKOV: Up to now there are three of us who have received the ten secrets (Mirjana, Ivanka, Jakov) and we no longer receive the daily apparitions. These secrets that Our Lady has revealed to us do not know if they are the same with each other, because we have never talked about it between us.


Jakov Colo

JAKOV: Nothing. We can only reveal them when Our Lady gives us permission.

You too?

JAKOV: Me too. When Our Lady gives me permission, I can tell them to others. I don’t think about these secrets and I’m not afraid. I don’t mind wearing them. That’s all I can say.

And what about the third secret? The other visionaries were able to reveal something, speaking of a sign that Our Lady will leave on the mountain of the apparitions.

JAKOV: Yes, I can say that Our Lady has promised to leave a mark on the mountain of apparitions, which will be permanent and visible to all.

And will it be beautiful?

JAKOV: Beautiful.

Very beautifull? Ah, wow! And can we see it from here?

JAKOV: No, no. You must come to Medjugorje.

(Father Livio interview with Jacov on September 24, 1999)