“The great secret of the Our Lady in Medjugorje? Let me whisper it in your ear.”

This time, which has lasted since June 24, 1981, is characterized by an event that is unique in the history of humanity, the presence of Our Lady among us, in Medjugorje.

Some now say that we are nearing the time of the 10 secrets and ask “Will it be the end of the world? The visionaries say: ”’Not really’ instead they say. ‘But a new beginning!’ 

Sister Emmauel writes in her book, “Medjugorje: the triumph of the heart”: 

“Among the many predictions about the future that haunt so many people, there is only one thing that is 100% sure: we will be very surprised by what the Lord prepares for all of us.”

In Medjugorje, Ivanka is undoubtedly the seer who knows the most about the future and the secrets, since Mary made her write whole notebooks on the future of the world. 

Vicka is also well informed because the Gospa confided some things to her in 1985, after having narrated her life in words and images. 

Mirjana knows the exact date of each secret, according to what she told a priest in 1983 and now says she see that “things are already in motion”

According to close followers of Mejdugorje, including Father Livio, say the time to reveal the ten secrets is near,even “substantially imminent”. 


Many predict that the Ten secrets, will be  like ten were the plagues of Egypt. In the case of Medjugorje the secrets will begin with two warnings. Then a great sign will appear  that the visionaries say will be “beautiful, indestructible and not made by human hands. Following  the three secrets will be  seven punishments, of which the last two are particularly harsh.



Father Peter Ljubicic says this about the secrets: “When the time comes, Mirjana and I will pray and fast for seven days. After seven days I will announce to the world the secret which will manifest itself promptly three days later ”. 

In an interview Father Petar was asked: “Will there be crying and gnashing of teeth?”

Father Ljubicic smiles and says: “We know nothing about the content of the secrets. Only the seers know, but they don’t speak.It can only be said that it is something that has to happen in a particular place and at a certain time. When and where all this will happen we do not know and it is useless to speculate or make false predictions.

We only have to live the existence of these mysteries as a help for us to take the life that God has given us more seriously and to use this time for conversion and for the salvation of our souls ”.

Father Petar was asked: “Is nothing really known about the content of the secrets?”

Father Petar: “Mirjana told me only that the first two concern the parish of Medjugorje. And which contain an admonition and an important warning intended for the faithful of the same. If these two secrets come true, everyone will know that the seers have told the truth and we will have to qualify the apparitions as authentic. I will say this we are getting closer and closer.


Sister Emanuel writes in her book: “The great secret of the Gospa in Medjugorje? Let me whisper it in your ear.”

“Prayer is the only means to save the human race”

(July 30, 1987)