Fr Livio : You ask us to feel God,  as a friend. Do you think this is possible? Isn’t God too great and too far away for us?


Marija: Yes, He is too big while we are like a little mustard seed and our faith too is too poor, too small. But the Lord bows down on us because he has made us an image of him and for this reason he is our light, our hope. 


Without him our soul has no relief. He is very sweet, He is the one who created us as the fruit of his great love and for this I believe that each of us can feel the humility of God because He bows with his life. 

Our Lady said: “In my humility I bow before the freedom that God gives you.” I thought it was the wrong message, but it is not. God reaches our level, he pulls us out and tells us: “Look what you are doing wrong, come back, I am here as a merciful Father, I am here as your hope, your peace, your joy, because you will no longer find joy outside of what I give you ”. Because when we have God’s peace, we feel that it is a different peace, it is not the peace of certain meditations or certain gymnastic mind games..


Father Livio : We wonder why today many have lost their faith and in the Western world many live as if God did not exist. Our Lady on August 25, in a very simple way said: “You are too attached to earthly things, therefore Satan shakes you as the wind does with the waves”. 


Marija:  Jesus, through Our Lady, wants us to become saints, he wants us to trust in him, he wants us to go and find rest in him, he wants us to find peace, the joy of living in him. This is what Jesus wants, even in this world that  is leading us towards the opposite. 

Thanks to Jesus, faith still exists on this earth. Our Lady is with us to tell us: “I am your hope. God sent me and allowed me to be with you. 


“This is an immense grace that we mortals cannot even understand because we are too down to earth. The Lord is leading us to Heaven, because he did not create us for the earth, but he created us for eternity.   Our Lady calls us to aim for Heaven.

After her apparition Maria spoke with  FATHER LIVIO  about the MESSAGE OF SEPTEMBER 25,  2016. In the message Our Lady said “God will be near you and you will feel Him in your heart as a friend. You will speak with Him as with someone whom you know.”