Mirjana’s Birthday is tomorrow… She will have her special March 18th apparition in the morning at the Blue Cross. Will anybody be with her? Read Our Lady’s powerful message from last year. “My Son knows you… Accept Him and the moments of pain and suffering will become moments of bliss.”

From March 18th 2019…”There was a large crowd present at the Blue Cross and the surrounding area, with many priests present.

Pilgrims began gathering before sunrise and many rosaries were prayed. Special prayers and blessings from priests were done for several very sick who were present.

Mirjana arrived joyful and, again, had much trouble kneeling in her present condition and was visibly shaking as she prepared for the apparition.

The sun broke out of a continuously cloudy day right at the moment of the apparition which began at 1:41pm and lasted around five minutes. Mirjana expressed a variety of emotions and spoke with Our Lady a lot during the apparition. report by Medjugorje.com

Following is Our Lady’s message given today through Mirjana:

“My children, as a mother, as the Queen of Peace, I ask you to accept my Son so that He may grant you peace of soul, that He may grant you what is just, what is good for you. My children, my Son knows you. He lived life as a man but at the same time as God: a miraculous life – human body, Divine spirit. Therefore, my children, as my Son is watching you with His eyes of God, He enters into your hearts. His gentle and warm eyes, in your heart, look for Himself. Can He find Himself, my children? Accept Him and the moments of pain and suffering will become moments of bliss. Accept Him and you will have peace in your soul – you will spread it to everybody around you – and that is what you need most now. Obey me, my children. Pray for the shepherds, for those whose hands my Son has blessed. Thank you.”