“The power of 33” – A special prayer to be recited on each Friday to free souls from Purgatory- We can save 33 souls from Purgatory (for each year of Jesus’ life on earth) with this prayer – Pray for your love ones today.

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In addition to indulgences and Masses in suffrage for our deceased, there are special prayers that help us free the souls of our loved ones, from the penalties of Purgatory.

Lent - souls of Purgatory

There are specific times when the following prayers are most effective. The Friday of Lent, in fact, is the day when more souls from Purgatory can be freed. They need our support, let’s never forget it. Let us therefore create, with the power of our prayer, that indissoluble bond that makes us all participants in the Communion of Saints.

Lenten Prayer: I adore you, holy cross

(It is recited 33 times on Good Friday, to free 33 souls from Purgatory -as also on November 2 and December 25; it is recited 50 times every Friday, to free 5)

I adore you, Holy Cross, that you were adorned with the Most Sacred Body of my Lord, covered and dyed with his Precious Blood. I adore you, my God, placed on the cross for me. I adore you, Holy Cross, for the love of him who is my Lord. Amen.

(Approved by Pope Hadrian VI, by Pope Gregory XIII, by Pope Paul VI).

Lenten prayer in front of the crucifix

(Recitation to free 3 souls from Purgatory every Friday and 33 on Good Friday)

I adore you, precious Cross , who with the venerable limbs of my Lord Jesus Christ were adorned and with his precious Tinted Blood . I adore you my God, placed on that Cross for my sake. Amen.
Pater; Ave; Glory; Eternal rest.

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Prayer for those who die today

O most merciful Jesus, that you burn with a burning love for souls, I ask you, for the agony of your Most Holy Heart and for the pains of your Immaculate Mother , to purify with your Blood all the sinners of the earth who are in agony and that they must die today. Dying heart of Christ, have mercy on the dying. Amen.
3 Ave.

Antonella Sanicanti