3 thoughts on “Medjugorje Shock during Eucharistic Adoration a Possessed Person creates Panic Minute 2:40 (Discretion is advised)

  • This is certainly frightening, but also proof that what is occurring at Medjugorje is from God, and thus the devil knows it and rebels. Notice how powerful the name of ‘Jesus’ is!

    On another point, in your articles can you please increase the font size? It is so small, and my vision is quite good. It would help very much to increase the font size. Thank you.

  • We visited The Holy place of Medjogorie we have faith in our Lady Madonna Please says prayer for my husband Frans who really needs prayers for healing from Cancer May your prayers have mercy on my husband Thank Mother Mary I love you In The name of Jesus Christ amen amen amen

  • Please pray for our son’s conversion.

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