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Tucker Carlson claims US HATES Russia because it’s a ‘Christian’ country – as rumors swirl he has approached Putin AGAIN for an interview on X platform

  • The former Fox News host told a festival in Hungary that the US ‘hates’ Russia because it is a ‘Christian country’
  • He said Russia is like Hungary in that both are ‘built on Christian precepts’ and claimed that was ‘enough to incite’ US policy makers
  • Carlson made the comments amid claims in Moscow that he’s trying to set up an interview with Vladimir Putin 

Tucker Carlson has claimed the United States ‘hates’ Russia because ‘it’s a Christian country’ – amid claims in Moscow that he’s trying to land an interview with Vladimir Putin.

The former Fox News star told MCC Feszt, a social, political and cultural festival in Hungary, that Russia is like Hungary in that both are nations ‘built on Christian precepts’. 

‘That is enough to incite our policy makers in the United States and that is exactly why they hate Russia,’ he said.