October 5, 2018 Ivan Has Special Apparition on Hill… “I wish to invite you, in this time of grace, to a total abandonment to my Son.”

 : today, 5 October 2018, at 22.00, at the blue cross, there will be an extraordinary appearance to Ivan Dragicevic, followed by the message.

Dear friends, here is what Ivan told about the apparition he had tonight, at the Blue Cross:

“Dear children! Also today in a special way I wish to invite you, in this time of grace, to a total abandonment to my Son. Open up to him! Open your hearts to receive graces. I intercede for all of you with my Son. Dear children, pray! Pray and open yourselves in prayer. Thanks again today, dear children, for having responded to my call “.

Our Lady today has come to us joyful and happy. As always, she greeted us all with the maternal greeting: “May Jesus be praised, my dear children!”. For a period of time she prayed here on all of us with her hands outstretched. She blessed us all with his motherly blessing and blessed all that you brought to be blessed.Then she prayed for a period of time especially for peace, for peace in families. Then in this prayer she left, in the sign of the light and the cross, with the greeting: “Go in peace, my dear children!” »

Medjugorje: apparition to Ivan and message.

Ivan Dragicevic was born on 25/5/65 in Bijacovic, he has been married to Laureen Murphy since 1994 and has four children. The intention entrusted to him by the Virgin is to pray for the young and priests.
His life changes after the Madonna appears to be little more than an adolescent: on 24/6/1981 he was only 16 years old.