Medjugorje< THE BIBLE SAID THIS WOULD HAPPEN | The Global anti-faith agenda and the coming "FINAL GLORY"

This time, which has lasted since June 24, 1981, is characterized by an event that is unique in the history of humanity, the presence of Our Lady among us, here on earth.

Our Lady comes to teach us and to show us the way that leads us back to her Son in eternity.
She brings messages from heaven and her words are more relevant today because we live in this new time of trial punctuated by the pandemic and by a foreboding, malignant, global force pursuing an agenda that is hostile towards people of faith.

These are not easy times. World events have triggered anxieties and fears. So many people suffer from loneliness and live in quiet desperation because of the uncertainty for the future.

Our Lady understands the pain of her children and she suffers for all of us, now more than ever.
In a powerful message to Mirjana on November 2, 2018, Our Lady says her heart is in pain but as a good mother she also offers comfort.

She says to look for her Son as the remedy because “ no one and nothing will be able to stop Him in the final glory.”

“Dear children, My motherly heart suffers as I am looking at my children who do not love the truth, those who are hiding it as I look at my children who do not pray with their feelings and actions. I am sad as I am saying to my Son that many of my children no longer have faith, that they do not know Him-my Son.

That is why I call you, apostles of my love: you strive to look to the very depth in human hearts and there you are certain to find the little hidden treasure. To look in this way is mercy from the Heavenly Father. To seek the good even where there is the greatest evil, to strive to comprehend each other and not to judge, that is what my Son is asking of you. And I, as a mother, am calling you to listen to Him.

My children, the spirit is mightier than the flesh, and, carried by love and actions, it overcomes all obstacles. Do not forget: my Son has loved you and loves you. His love is with you and in you when you are one with Him. He is the light of the world and no one and nothing will be able to stop Him in the final glory.

Therefore, apostles of my love, do not be afraid to witness the truth. Witness it with enthusiasm, with works, with love, with your sacrifice, and, above all, in humility. Witness the truth to all those who have not come to know my Son. I will be alongside you. I will encourage you. Witness the love which never ends because it comes from the Heavenly Father who is eternal and who offers eternity to all of my children. The spirit of my Son will be alongside you.

Anew I am calling you, my children: pray for your shepherds, pray that the love of my Son may lead them. Thank you. ”