Sister Andrée, the oldest person in Europe, born in 1904, will soon turn 117 years old survives Covid – She tells her secret -Please wish her a Happy Birthday

She placed her life in the hands of God and, thanks to him, she overcame many obstacles. Among these also Covid.

Sister Andrée, born in 1904, will soon turn 117 years old . Her life in the service of God and, after a month of positivity at Covid, she healed and passed it.

Defeats Covid at 116 years old

Positive, asymptomatic but, despite everything, she was forced to a month of fiduciary isolation. But now she is healed. She is Sister Andrée, born Lucile Randon in 1904 . The nun, as the Guardian writes, had tested positive at the retirement home where she is staying, in Toulon and where 81 of the 88 residents contracted the virus (and 10 of them died), despite strict security measures had been adopted.

Sister Andrée spent a month in solitary confinement in her room and, as the nurses who assisted her say, “ her only complaint was loneliness “.

“ She didn’t ask me about her health, but about herroutine. For example, she wanted to know if the meal and rest times would change. SHe showed no fear of the disease. Indeed, she was more worried about the other residents “- commented one of the spokespersons of the retirement home where Sister Andrée is located -” Sister Andrée, the oldest woman in France and Europe, has beaten the virus and has not shown that she has fear of him “.

Sister Andrée was not afraid of the virus

A woman with a big heart and great courage. Born into a Protestant family, she was baptized at 26 and, at 40, she entered the Order of the Daughters of Charity.

Her life? Completely dedicated to the poor, orphans and the elderly. She spent 28 years of her monastic life at the Vichy hospital precisely to assist the poor and the sick.

And at the age of 105, in 2009, she finally decided to dedicate herself to rest , to better pray and meditate on the Word of God.

In an interview, they asked her what the real secret was to living so long. Sister Andrée’s eyes lit up: “ To still be able to pray , even though I am blind and in a wheelchair ”.

In a few days she will be 117 years old. Happy birthday Sister Andrée!