The Amazing Time Vicka Had Apparition on the Operating Table…Vicka – Medjugorje – Secrets – “Do we need to fear?”


Finbar: Apart from your usual evening Apparition, Our Lady may appear to you at other times of the day, wherever you happen to be.

Vicka: That is correct. Once when I had a problem with my appendix, I was rushed to hospital in Mostar and from there I was rushed to another hospital in Zagreb for an operation. Later, the doctors and nurses told me that during surgery I sat up on the operating table. They saw my lips moving as though I was talking to someone. But they could not hear anything. It was the moment of an Apparition. The doctors and nurses were totally amazed.

Finbar: Is all your physical suffering directly connected to the suffering which Our Lady gave you a month to pray about back in 1984? It seems
there is a deeper spiritual or mystical dimension to what Our Lady
asked of you at the time.

Vicka: These are two separate things. I do not want to
talk too much about it, as it is Our Lady’s intention that I
not make such a big thing of what She requested. Our Lady
asked me to do something, and I accepted it with love.
Perhaps at some point in the future, if Our Lady desires, or
if it is necessary to speak about it, I will.


Vicka Talks about secrets