2 thoughts on “Fr. Jozo: “It was then I heard a voice that spoke to me – a human voice – voice like mine…”Go and protect the children.”

  • Dear Mystic Post,

    I am a follower of your Facebook page due to my belief in the apparitions of Our Lady. I do not want to unfollow your page as I enjoy reading your articles and I have recommended friends here. For some time, your advertisements below the latest posts are extremely politically divisive, as well as, some of your lead ins headings to articles you have written or reports you make. It is very upseting to me to see political partisanship disparaging all Democrats, Hillary Clinton, President Obama, etc. Why is this? I am positive this is your personal opinion and is not from Our Lady, Our Lord, Jesus or Our Father. Sincerely.

    • i will speak to the advertisier service to eliminate political type ads.. I wish I had no ads.. I am thinking about offering a “no ad” version for a subsciption fee.

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