Medjugorje Miracle – This has NEVER HAPPENED before | God is giving the world WARNING signs

The Virgin Mary has appeared in many places on Earth and in many historical eras, always emphasizing the ultimate goal of her coming: the authentic conversion of our hearts. From Medjugorje, in particular, Mary warns us that the time of her care, sooner or later, will end. She does this by entrusting to the visionaries innumerable messages, which invite us to take his only-begotten Son Jesus Christ as an example and to always follow his footsteps and teachings. On August 2, 2009 an incredible miracle occurred during Miryana’s apparition.

As many us know one of the powerful “trademarks” of Our Lady’s apparitions is that when she arrives on earth a profound silence descends around the crowd.

In the early days of the apparitions this phenomena was attached to the miraculous event known as “The silence of the birds.” As soon as the Blessed Mother arrived all the birds in the trees would immediately become silent. This event, witnessed by thousands of people, led to many conversions.

But on August 2, 2009 something different happened.

Instead of the silence during the apparition, the crowd begins to clap quietly in the middle of Mirjana’s ecstasy. The crowd, despite their desire to remain silent, are overwhelmed by a sign from Heaven – a sun miracle. The powerful sign from God, of his existence, was a grace that required acknowledgment from the people present.

In this video the crowd’s reaction to the miracle starts at about 5 minutes 30 seconds.