June 15, 2018 Ivan has Apparition on Apparition Hill. Our Lady says: “The family must attend Holy Mass”…Then “Our Lady left in the sign of the light and the cross”

Ivan’s Apparition tonight on Apparition Hill. June 15, 2018

Dear Children,

Also today in a special way I desire to call you to the Eucharist. Let the Mass be the center of your life. Especially dear Children, let the Eucharist be in your families. The family must attend Holy Mass and worship Jesus. Jesus must be the center of your lives. Therefore dear children, renew family prayer and go with Jesus. Thank you dear children also today for having responded to my call.

Happy and Joyful, with her praised be Jesus my dear children, and extended hands over us all and especially the sick. She gave us her motherly blessing and then I recommended all of you, your requests, your petitions and your families, especially the sick. Then, Our Lady left in the sign of the light and the cross with the words of go in Peace my dear children. Thanks Jelena for picture!