Medjugorje: Miracle of 7 Crosses -A sign sent from Heaven Why are not more people talking about this


This is a powerful video of the miracles that happen on Cross Mountain and all around Medjugorje since the first days.

This video captures seven crosses of light descending on Cross Mountain. and the  incredible video of the giant cross on the Mountain spinning in a supernatural way.


The seven crosses represent the seven wounds of Christ. The believers of this video will say “wow… God is great” or something like that.

The unbelievers will watch it and mock what they can see with their own eyes.

We know now that to the believer no proof is necessary, and to the unbeliever no proof is sufficient.

As you watch this video it is also important to be aware that the Blessed Mother asks us to Pray the Medjugorje Peace Rosary which is a meditation on the seven wounds of Jesus. To Pray the peace rosary chaplet one recites one “Creed” and then seven “Our Fathers”, seven “Hail Mary’s” and seven “Glory Bes”