Our Lady has given the Church an appointment with the third secret


The apparitions of Medjugorje have now reached their forty-third year. It was an extraordinary time, which began unexpectedly as supernatural things always do. The great adventure began on June 24, 1981, when Ivanka saw the Madonna for the first time. From that moment until today, the visionaries have had all the apparitions that Our Lady has decided they should have. There has not been a period, in all these years, that the visionaries did not have apparitions.

The methods of the apparitions in Medjugorje are certainly very particular: they are not linked to a place, but are linked to the visionaries. The six visionaries initially had the apparitions all together; Mirjana later moved to Sarajevo to study and had apparitions there. Gradually the place of the apparitions changed: first the visionaries went to the hill, then to the church, then to the sacristy, then again to the rectory, finally to their home.

On special occasions, when there were many pilgrims present, the visionaries had the apparitions in more spacious places. Just think of Mirjana’s numerous apparitions, especially at the Blue Cross, or those of the other visionaries on the mountain of the first apparitions, initially also on Krizevac.

Over the years the visionaries, called by groups of local faithful or by priests themselves, have gone everywhere in the world to give testimony and have always had apparitions. In these forty-two years there has never been anything on the part of the Church that in any way prevented the visionaries from having apparitions in the presence of pilgrims.

In Medjugorje the local Bishop prevented the apparitions from taking place in the places of the Parish, so that it could not be said that the Church had already approved the apparitions; it was a personal concern of his. Subsequently, after many years of the Madonna appearing in church, in the rectory or in ecclesiastical places, it was decided that the apparitions should take place in other places, such as the mountain of the first apparitions, the Blue Cross and Krizevac.

There has always been respect on the part of the Church. Even without recognizing the apparitions, the Church let Our Lady carry out her plan and the visionaries were always able to speak to the pilgrims. There are some epics that I myself have lived because for years I have been in Medjugorje for quite long periods and I have lived these experiences directly.

I remember when Marija spoke in front of the stairs of the house and I myself translated what she said; or even the visionary Vicka spoke to the pilgrims on the stairs of the house for years and I also translated to the pilgrims in various languages ​​on those occasions. Pilgrims arrived in waves from all over the world and the visionaries gave their testimony. All the visionaries did it, but in particular Vicka dedicated herself a lot to the pilgrims, initially in front of the house, then at Sister Cornelia’s. There was a long epic of Vicka that lasted until the Madonna told her: «budi sama», be alone (during her Apparition). Even when she was alone in her apparitions, Vicka was always available to give testimony to the pilgrims until she became seriously ill and it became impossible for her to be among people.

Likewise, the other visionaries gave their testimonies in front of the house. All this continued until about a year ago.

There was great freedom on the part of the Church which set limits but in fact the visionaries were able to have the apparitions publicly, not in ecclesiastical places, and were able to testify. This has always been the leitmotif of these forty-one years. Lately, for various reasons, things have changed.

It seemed to me that lately the visionaries have almost disappeared, they are no longer seen and they no longer speak to the pilgrims. I myself don’t know the reason. The absence of the visionaries, who do not speak, do not testify, do not have public appearances, has lasted for a few months. Even the apparitions at the castle have ended and this, however, is an understandable stop. Our Lady still appears to Vicka who has her apparitions at her house and to Ivan who, when he is in Medjugorje, has them in her chapel or on the mountain of the first apparitions, when Our Lady gives this indication. There is lately a difficulty in meeting the visionaries and talking to them. There was an apparent blackout.

Our Lady said to pray for our shepherds because «With them I will triumph» (2 October 2010). As a believer in Medjugorje and as a person faithful to the Church and very faithful to the Holy Father, I would like to make a reflection. We are at a dramatic point in human history, people are afraid, they have no points of reference, the world is at risk of self-destruction, Europe is arming itself for a war of invasion by Russia. People are disoriented and wonder what will happen to their children. Never, as in this moment, have we needed the words of the Madonna, the visionaries who bear witness to them and also to concretely see the miracle of her apparition. The apparition is a true miracle, it is a sign in itself.

In recent times there has been a sort of darkness which however Our Lady broke on 1 January 2024 with the call to Podbrdo, which was a revitalizing fact for everyone, the enthusiasm and love for this militancy was rekindled that Our Lady asks of us.

With all the humility of which I am capable, with all the love I have for Medjugorje, with all the respect and devotion I have for the Church, I am personally convinced that what was created on the first day of apparitions (24 June 1981) and which has continued over time can only be good for people, can only be a “medicine” for people, can only be a light for people. We need it more now than before.

Now we truly understand that Our Lady is the hope of the world; then, visionaries who bear witness to it are necessary. I hope that the flow of light that we have behind us will continue until Our Lady has established the point at which the Church must decide. I humbly say that according to the knowledge I have acquired, according to my direct and many years of experience and based on the words that Our Lady said about the sign (third Secret), the Queen of Peace wants to be free to carry out Her plans and needs our help, until the completion of the third Secret, when he will give the sign first of all for the Church. Above all, Our Lady needs the visionaries and their presence.

As far as the Church is concerned, Our Lady is very happy with what she has done so far, especially after what the Holy Father Francis decided who liberalized all pilgrimages while also praising conversions. May what we have behind us, then, continue up to the third Secret ! The third Secret is the appointment that Our Lady gave to the Church. The sign on the mountain (third Secret) is beautiful, it comes from the Lord, it is indestructible and will last until the end of the world and is given to the Church to recognize the apparitions, because from the fourth to the tenth Secret, as we know, there will be those upheavals that will change the world and will usher it into a time of peace.

In my extreme smallness and humility, I am aware that I am stating the right thing. I hope that what we have behind us, that is, the testimonies of the visionaries to the pilgrims and the public apparitions, can obviously continue under the gaze of the Church, as it has always been. May all this continue until Our Lady has established that the Church will have to make her decisions, or when there will be the sign on the mountain. In the times that come after, the games will now be over. The deployments are preparing now. With the third Secret it is clear that the Church will decide to be with the Madonna because it is with the pastors of the Church that the Queen of Peace said she will win.

This opinion of mine, this desire of mine, I express with humility, with the awareness of my limits and with my personal and long experience of the Medjugorje apparitions.

Your Father Livio