Jesus said, “I come to tell you that a great change is beginning to unfold, and where it begins is in My Church and it will be channeled throughout the world.”

Jesus Christ has given several visionaries a vision of what the Warning or illumination of conscience will be like.

SOURCE: Forum of Mary

In some cases he has shown what will actually happen when seen by the eyes of the people on earth and in other cases they have been more symbolic visions.   

In a special way  in December 2023, Jesus gave the visionary “Jennifer” a vision of the Warning in images, and then he warned her how we are approaching it in our days.

The visionary Jennifer, who received this vision that we are going to tell, is an American from Minnesota, a mother and grandmother, who began to receive revelations from Jesus in 2001 and has received thousands of messages. 

She is well known and respected, and withholds her last name at the request of her spiritual director, to respect her family’s privacy.

What she receives is not internal locutions that she hears in her brain like most psychics, but rather that she hears a voice aurally, through her physical ears, just as she hears any other person. 

And they are extraordinary, because while an internal locution can be extremely difficult to differentiate from a person’s own internal thought process, a voice in the ear is unmistakable as coming from outside.

The messages to Jennifer began in April 2001, while she was at Mass, when she began to hear someone say the words “Come to me.”

The voice she was hearing was a man’s voice. It was very soft and gentle.

At Communion time, the words were stronger. And once the Crucifix on the altar came to life for her.

In July she asked him who he was and what he wanted.

And his answer was “I am the one who came to cast off the sins of the world.”

And from then on, Jesus repeatedly communicated with her.

He speaks the first few words of a message to her offhand and repeats them until she begins to write them down, and then gives her the rest of the message , which she notes with the date and time, according to her spiritual director.

This priest has said that the messages Jennifer receives come “when the world seems to need them.” 

Our Lord asked Jennifer to take the messages to Pope John Paul II, and the postulator for Saint Faustina’s cause, Father Michaelenko, translated the messages into Polish and took them to the Vatican.

It was handed over to the Pope’s secretary, Cardinal Dziwisz. 

And then he was informed that the Pope read them and expressed “this is a message that the world needs to hear.”

On December 9, 2003, Jesus gave her a vision and told her, “My daughter, you are witnessing a vision of the Warning that will come.”

And she saw that the sky was dark and it seemed like night, but her heart told her that it was afternoon. 

Shse saw the sky open up and heard long, drawn-out thunderclaps. 

When he looked up, she saw Jesus bleeding on the cross and people falling to their knees.

Then Jesus told her: “You will see your soul as I see it, you will see each wound that you have added to My Most Sacred Heart”.

To the left she saw the Blessed Virgin weeping, and then Jesus told her, “get ready now because the time is coming soon. 

My child, pray for the many souls who will perish because of their selfish and sinful ways.”

And when she looked up again, she saw the drops of blood falling from Jesus and hitting the ground, and many looked confused as they looked up at the sky. 

Jesus told him, “they are searching for the light, because it should not be a time of darkness, however, it is the darkness of sin that covers this Earth.

And the only light will be the one from which I come, because humanity does not realize the awakening that is about to happen. 

And he added, “this will be the greatest purification since the beginning of creation.”

Jesus went on to say, “it is not the sight of My wounds that causes your suffering; it is the depth of the soul knowing that they have put them there; it is knowing that man’s rejection of Me has made My wounds bleed”.

And then He revealed to her, “My child, you see that the Earth has been shaking, for as this hour of purification of illumination approaches, the fury of the lion will be prowling among My people. 

The temptation will multiply, because it seeks its many victims. 

It will be the greatest spiritual battle that man has ever endured. 

And then he asked he, “tell My people that this is the hour, because I am Jesus and everything will be done according to My will.”

Finally, as the sky opened up, she saw a brilliant light descend on the cross, and in this light she saw the risen Jesus appear dressed in white, look up to heaven with raised hands, and then look down to Earth and make the sign of the cross, blessing His people.

The following year Jesus would warn Jennifer that the latest media would soon be tracking our movements.

And in 2023 Jesus says  that this world is changing rapidly, and in the twinkling of an eye the Warning will come.

That hell has emptied on Earth and we must be more vigilant. 

That the tide has turned and we need to heed the warnings, because satan is trying to win as many souls as possible through fear, sowing chaos and confusion.

Jesus said, “I come to tell you that a great change is beginning to unfold, and where it begins is in My Church and it will be channeled throughout the world.”

And he added, “look at the roots of My Church, My Children, because when the false prophet begins to change the prayers of the Mass and the teachings of the Magisterium, know that this is not from Me.”

Jesus also told her that His wounds bleed profusely and His only consolation are the prayers and acts of suffering that His faithful offer Him.

And he added, “the war that has been waged against My little ones has become a plague for the innocent and I can no longer hold back the just hand of My Father.” 

“This earth will begin to rock and tremble throughout the world, many will come to see that their ways were not pleasing to Me.” 

“Satan has infiltrated every home, every family and every church, every nation and many hearts that no longer recognize the truth, using fear to bring false comfort, false hope and peace.”

And Jesus then said  “Tell My Chosen Sons and My priests to get ready, because their flock will come running”.

“The days of darkness are no longer in the distance.”

He complained “My Children are not prepared for a greater collapse that is to come. My children, the world is on the verge of a great change. This world as you know it is passing.”

And I would like to ask you if you think that the vision that Jennifer had of the drops of the blood of Jesus falling on the Earth will actually happen or is it a symbolism that will not be seen as it is.