One thought on “Fr. Mark Goring – Rosary is profound and powerful..”Through the Rosary, I converted. I encountered the Lord.” Powerful video – 4 Minutes that can change your life or save a loved one.

  • Thank you so much for sharing this! I pray the Rosary every day. When you said praying the Rosary is like holding Mary’s hand, this is so true and I honestly believe that. That statement gave me goosebumps. While I prayed today I have overwhelming feeling of God’s love. I would love to have this feeling all day long. It is so powerful. While I was praying today I turned to a picture that I have of the Blessed Mother in my room. I focused all my attention on this picture. It is a cloudy day here in NY but I was praying the sun came out and stayed vibrant until I finished my Rosary. The Rosary did change my life. I started praying it every day 8 1/2 years ago. It was a slow progression but it turned it me away from a life of sin and the courage to say no to sin. The Rosary has also showered me and my children with countless blessings and signal graces. The Rosary is not repetitive prayer. It is a powerful way for God to work within our lives and our souls.

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