Something Only The Bible Can Explain Is About To Happen –Is the tribulation near?

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St. Michael the Archangel gives Message to Luz de Maria de Bonilla: “Beloved People of God, Through this virus, the world elite has unmasked itself – an elite which is essentially nothing other than the representation of the Antichrist”

Beloved People of God, as Prince of the Heavenly Host I am sent to declare to you: You are loved by the Most Holy Trinity and by our and your Queen and Mother of the end times  whose image represents what God’s children should not forget at this time. As children born on the Cross, you wear the emblem of the Cross, which you must never renounce, as the human being’s Salvation is implicit within it. It is the Love of Christ that is given to his children through the Cross and therefore also through the Queen and Mother of the End Times.

The faithful People have stopped being so due to rebellion against the Commandments of the Law of God, their distortion and the numerous sins that surround human beings until they come to belong to the Devil, and therefore, work and act as children far from their Father. You expect to be rewarded for what you do not deserve; you want to continue living as you were before the hordes of Satan took over men’s minds and hardened their hearts. This is not how it will be; whoever hopes for a better tomorrow is putting their hope in their own individual world, without being conscious of just how much the whole of humanity has been transformed.

Since long ago, new ideologies have been taking over humanity; it has been transformed and estranged from its King and Lord Jesus Christ in preparation for this time when, through this virus, the world elite has unmasked itself — an elite which is essentially nothing other than the representation of the Antichrist, the one who will become the tyrant, traitor, deceiver and possessor of the souls of those who surrender to him.

Be afraid, yes — be afraid of losing eternal salvation! Concern yourselves with becoming better all the time: understand that in what is approaching, no matter how severe it may be for humanity, you will only emerge victorious by the Hand of Our King and Lord Jesus Christ… otherwise you will be easy prey for the Antichrist himself.

I therefore summon the children of the Most Holy Trinity to decide to save your souls, forgetting dates that have kept you foolishly waiting, thereby wasting continual growth in the spirit, and I call you to be better and greater children of the Living God, the True God, reinforcing your Faith not only with prayer but with knowledge. The People of God have been drinking, spending time in partying; they have continued to look sideways at what is happening at this moment, and soon they will find themselves experiencing the deep pain of having been deaf to the calls to prepare themselves in the spirit, to change their lives, to be renewed spiritually and to prepare materially as much as possible.

The Divine Designs continue. How many people will judge God for allowing human will! The cup continues to be poured out; little remains in it, and yet humanity’s disobedience continues in spite of the current persistent scourge. Greater punishment is therefore coming for humanity.

God wants his People not to forget that “Out of his mouth comes a sharp sword to strike the nations. He will rule them with an iron rod, and he himself will tread out in the wine press the wine of the fury and wrath of God Almighty.” ( Rev 19:15 ) The Cup of Divine Wrath will be poured out all over humanity, and how many are they who are turning into judges of Divine Wrath and dismissing it? It is true that in Our Lord and King Jesus Christ the Wrath of God was satisfied. At the same time, every human being is responsible for their sins and must strive for conversion, for expiation, for repentance, because God has done what nobody can do or deserve.

Come, children of God, and convert before night falls on this perverse generation. Pray in season and out of season; prepare to face the tests to which you are subjected with Faith, firmness and determination. You must say no to what is not of God and look further than your eyes can see. Humanity is prey to its own ignorance, it is surrendering to enemy hands, and the world order will dominate and oppress it.

Pray: the earth will shake forcefully, in some countries by natural origin and in others because of misused science and man’s wicked mind.

Pray: the peoples will rise up, human protest will be forbidden and man confined in order to dominate him.

Pray especially for Mexico, the United States, Puerto Rico, Chile and Japan. Earthquakes will cause pain.

As the Defender of God’s People, I am continually fighting against the hordes of evil; together with My Angels we will guard you if the free will of each one of you allows it.

It is urgent that you prepare as families where you will stay in the face of catastrophes and where to stay as communities, with the assurance that we will not abandon any creature of God. As captain of the heavenly host, with my sword raised and with the powers granted to me by the Most Holy Trinity, I share with you that I am a defender of sanctuaries: if homes are sanctuaries I will defend them. If you ask me fervently, I will help you to know yourselves internally and not to reject God’s Will. I am a defender of families: I protect those who wish to maintain the right balance in their families. My love is compassionate. I am a defender of the faithful Church and I fight so that the Devil would flee from the Church of my Lord and my God.

I bless you. Increase your faith.

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin
Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin
Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin


Source Count Down to the Kingdom