Nostradamus’ 2024 predictions revealed — brace yourself for more war and famine

Nostradamus, a 16th-century French astrologer known as “the prophet of doom,” has a few foreboding predictions for 2024.

According to his 1555 text “Les Propheties” (“The Prophecies”), this year brings continued global strife, including war on the seas, royal turmoil and humanitarian disaster.

His vision of the future is laid out in 942 poetic verses called quatrains, and while his writings are somewhat vague, he has been credited with foreseeing the rise of Adolf Hitler, the assassination of John F. Kennedy, the Sept. 11 attacks and COVID, to name a few. 

In spite of some who falsely believed his text had predicted the apocalypse in 1999, his visions continued — and have this to say for 2024:

Prince Harry becomes King

One of the passages in his long text says that a “King of the Isles” will be “driven out by force.” Some think Nostradamus is referring to King Charles III. Another passage supposedly about Charles says “soon afterward [a disastrous war] a new King shall be anointed / Who, for a long time, will appease the earth,”

China wages war

Nostradamus predicted “combat and naval battle” and said that a “Red adversary will become pale with fear, putting the great Ocean in dread.”

Some think that the “Red adversary” could be referring to China and their red flag. 

The “naval battle” could be referring to China’s tensions with the island of Taiwan. Beijing, the capital of China, has the largest navy in the world. 

Climate disaster

The climate crisis has become more apparent in recent years with an increase in drought wildfires and record-high temperatures. 

Nostradamus predicts it will get even worse. 

“The dry earth will grow more parched, and there will be great floods when it is seen,” he wrote. 

He also predicted extreme weather events and world hunger.

“Very great famine through pestiferous wave,” he said. 

A new Pope 

Pope Francis could soon see a replacement, according to the astrologer’s predictions. 

“Through the death of a very old Pontiff, A Roman of good age will be elected, Of him it will be said that he weakens his see, But long will he sit and in biting activity,” he wrote.