Do you know your Mother? 5 facts about Mary that every Catholic should know!


Get to know our Mother in Heaven!

In the month of May we are gifted with new life and growth, as we usher in warmth, spring flowers and sunshine. During this month, we also celebrate the gift of motherhood, honoring women on Mother’s Day. But did you know that the Church dedicates this month to honoring our Heavenly Mother, Mary, as well? Here are 5 facts about our Blessed Mother that help us understand why the Church honors Mary:

5 Facts about Mary:

  1. She is the Immaculate Conception

Many in our culture get it wrong! While Jesus is the Incarnation, Mary is the Immaculata! The Immaculate Conception refers to the conception of our blessed mother, who was preserved from the stain of original sin. It does not refer to Jesus’ virginal conception!

  1. Jesus wants us recognize Mary as our Mother

“Behold your mother! And from that hour the disciple took her to his own home.”  Are you aware that the greatest mother who ever lived was given to us as our mother by Jesus on the cross?  Mary is a gift from Christ to the entire Church.  She nourishes us by her own life with the insight we need for holiness. Her life is our model and map for getting to Heaven! And just like any good mother, she desires to teach her children the Way!

  1. Perpetual Virginity

Mary lived perpetual virginity, even after the birth of Christ. From the beginning of time Mary was set aside exclusively for God. Although her marriage to St. Joseph was a virginal marriage, “it is in the Holy Family…that every Christian family must be reflected” (Redemptoris Custos, 7). 

  1. She is a Maternal Mediator 

Through Mary’s closeness to God as His mother, she has a unique power in obtaining graces for those who call upon her. Prayers such as the Memorare or the Rosary can be great means of invoking her intercession. Mary’s mediation only points towards the powerful mediation that occurred through the person of Christ for the sake of all humanity! 

  1. Mary was assumed body and soul into Heaven

As Catholics we believe that Mary was assumed into Heaven body and soul. Without the stain of original sin, as the Mother of Christ she did not know death as we know it, but rather was assumed into Heaven at the end of her earthly life, where she reigns as Queen of Heaven and Earth.

A Mother who Loves Us

In Mary, we have a spiritual mother who loves us and watches out for us always. Her great desire is to bring us close to her Son, Jesus, so we might spend eternity with him in Heaven. She is a great gift, given to us by God–how much grace she brings if we make her a part of our lives this May and always! Let us please Our Lord and take her into our own homes just as the blessed disciple did!