To those who are depressed, discouraged and weary this Lent, Our Lady whispers these words of comfort and peace for the day and will help deep into the night.



One day Our Lady told us a beautiful thing. Satan so often takes advantage of a person who feels unworthy, who feels depressed, who is ashamed of God: this is precisely the moment when Satan takes advantage to distract us from God. Our Lady told us to have this fixed idea: God is your Father and it does not matter how you are.


Do not leave even a moment of dullness to Satan, he is already enough for him not to make you meet with the Lord. Never leave God because Satan is too strong. For example, if you committed a sin, if you had a fight with someone, do not be alone, but call God immediately, ask him for forgiveness and go forward. After a sin we start thinking and doubting that God can not forgive …

Not like that…. we always measure God from our guilt. Let’s say: if the sin is small, God forgives me immediately, if the sin is serious. It takes time … You need two minutes to recognize that you have sinned; but the Lord does not need time to forgive, the Lord immediately forgives and you must be ready to ask and accept His forgiveness and do not let Satan take advantage of these moments of disbandment, of desert.

Call it what you are, go ahead immediately; before God you must not present yourself beautiful and prepared; no, but go to God as you are so that God can immediately come back into your life even in times when you are more sinful. Just when it seems to you that the Lord has left you is the time to come back, presenting you as you are.

by Marija Dugandzic