Medjugorje: “The Virgin wants a continuous prayer because Our Lady wants to build a new world.” Interview with Father Verar, September 26, 2019

(translated by Google translate from Italian)…After the message of the 25th of the month the visionary Marija Pavlovic Lunetti, released two interviews; the usual one with Father Livio director of Radio Maria which you can read here and shortly thereafter, in the past few hours, to Father Verar. Our Lady shows us what awaits us in our future journey: “I prepare you for new times so that you may be steadfast in faith and persevering in prayer” . But what are the new times and what do you mean by this expression? We understand that it is not simply a matter of material issues and of physical and social or economic or even cultural well-being, but, more profoundly, these are new times compared to the current ones, so nebulous and suffering, so anguished and threatening. ‘The Virgin wants a continuous prayer, and this has been asking us for some time because Our Lady wants to build a new world.”

The First Interview with Fr. Livio with the visionary Marija: “We are lukewarm Christians, Our Lady asks us to decide for God, immediately!”


In spreading the final message of the 25th of the month, the visionary Marija connected in direct contact with Father Livio, director of Radio Maria. Let’s hear what the visionary said about the message, and first let’s read again yesterday’s message.

(Medjugorje message of September 25, 2019 to Marija official translation)

Dear children! Today I invite you to pray for my intentions to help you.

Children, pray the rosary and meditate on the mysteries of the rosary so that you too in your life may pass through the joys and sorrows. In this way you transform the mysteries in your life because life is a mystery until you put it in the hands of God. Thus you will have the experience of faith like Peter who met Jesus and the Holy Spirit filled his heart.

You too, children, are invited to witness by living the love with which God envelops you with my presence from day to day. Therefore, little children, be open and pray with the heart in faith.

Thank you for having responded to my call

Father Livio: Our Lady has asked us three times now to pray the Rosary and meditate on the mysteries. Why?

Marija: Our Lady asks us to pray the Rosary. Our Lady wants to change us and our hearts, because we can have greater experience of God.

Father Livio: I was very struck by the invitation of Our Lady to transform the mysteries of the Rosary into our lives. The mysteries of the Rosary are the life of Jesus. In some way we relive the life of Jesus in our lives …

Marija: Our Lady is bringing us more and more into our lives with Jesus. With Jesus our life makes more sense. Without God we are also meaningless.

Father Livio: How should we do to meditate on the mysteries as Our Lady asks of us? At what time we have to meditate on them.

Marija: Our Lady asks us that even our daily life, of pain, joy and mystery be with Jesus. Not only by reciting then, but by living. Also in the attitude of prayer and life, even sharing with others. I was very impressed that Our Lady used the words ‘Like Peter’, he who left his boat, his family, to follow Jesus. Our Lady does not want us to leave everything, but asks us to give more witness. Today we are very lukewarm Christians, Our Lady wants us to become more determined.