Miracle in Medjugorje. Raffaella, 16, sees the sun pulsing and twirling and heals her blind eye

Raffaella’s miracle. In Medjugorje, she was healed from sight

The incredible recovery of the young Raffaella happened in Medjugorje …

HISTORY – “ My name is Raffaella Mazzocchi and I am from Naples. I was 16 when one day suddenly, exactly on December 22, 2001, while I was at school, I completely lost sight of my right eye due to a retrobulbar optic neuritis, that is, a virus that was destroying my optic nerve irreversibly and which also started to provoke painful seizures similar to epileptic seizures several times a day.

A diagnosis without hope of recovery : in fact, no cure seemed to have an effect. I was forced to leave school because I was unable to study. I couldn’t even sleep, I went on with psychotropic drugs and in this state I lived 8 years as in a nightmare. I also lost faith and stopped attending the parish.

One day, my aunts, my mother and my sister-in-law decided to leave for Medjugorje and at all costs they wanted to take me with them. I was reluctant but eventually succumbed to the insistence of my family members, but I had no intention of asking for my recovery.

On June 26, 2009, around 7.30 pm, after having come down from Podbrdo , while she was at the Blue Cross, my sister-in-law realized that the sun was moving in an unusual way, she seemed to be dancing. Then I grabbed my sister-in-law’s sunglasses and with the good eye, the left one, I clearly saw the sun first rotate and pulsate and then almost get close to my face and then go back , and then again change color continuously becoming red, blue, orange, green.

Eventually I took off my glasses and began to cry desperately because I realized that I had also lost sight in my left eye and therefore I had become completely blind. My screams attracted many pilgrims who came around me but I continued to cry out more and more desperate also because I felt a very strong burning in the eyes. A burning, however, not from pain but from heat. This total blindness lasted five minutes, the longest in my life. Seeing me in panic, my mom sat me down and somehow managed to calm me.

As I kept my head down and my eyes closed, I suddenly had the urge to open my right eye, the sick one , and I realized that I could see my hands. I then also opened the other eye and I realized I could see each other very well from that too.

Passing and going over my hands before my eyes I realized that I had been healed but instead of jumping for joy I was silent and blocked by fear.

My mom, from my gaze, noticed my change and ran to meet me to hug me. Likewise all the numerous pilgrims present.

Since that day I have completely recovered my sight, indeed now I have a perfect view of 11/10 . And more importantly, I also regained faith because now, finally, I see it in every sense. (Source www.messaggimedjugorje.net)