How Our Lady’s five pebbles actually bring down Satan!

During the pilgrimage to Medjugorje one plunges into prayer as never before, so many hopes arise that bring peace. Then you go back home and start your usual everyday life: work, family, children, problems, usual annoyances. And the peace of Medjugorje, where is it? Here is that Mary gives us an infallible weapon against Satan, our Goliath.

It is the five pebbles, just like those five pebbles that David chose from the river to bring down the giant Goliath (see 1 Sam 17.40) … he chose five smooth pebbles from the stream and placed them in his shepherd’s bag which he needed as a saddlebag ; he took the sling again and moved to the Philistine …).

Mary puts in her hands 5 stones to bring down Satan:

  • Prayer with the heart: the Rosary

  • The Eucharist

  • The Bible

  • Fasting

  • The monthly Confession.

Prayer with the heart and the rosary

“Little children, pray, pray, pray. Prayer reigns throughout the world “(August 25, 1989). At the beginning the Madonna recommends to the visionaries the daily recitation, following the Croatian tradition, of the Creed, seven Our Father, Ave Maria and Gloria. At a later time he also invites them to the recitation of the Rosary.“The Rosary is always in your hand as a sign, for Satan, that you belong to me (February 25, 1988).


To acquire spiritual freedom and to purify oneself. Through fasting one is more able to listen to God and man, to perceive them both more clearly. Mary recommends fasting twice a week: “I would like you to fast on Wednesdays and Fridays” (August 14, 1984). “The best fast is bread and water. Through fasting and prayer one can stop wars, one can suspend the natural laws of nature “.

Daily reading of the Bible

“Dear children! Today I invite you to read the Bible every day in your homes and put it in a visible place so as to encourage you to read it and pray” (October 18, 1984).


Mary asks for a monthly confession. He speaks of confession since the first apparitions: “Make peace with God and among you. For this reason it is necessary to believe, pray, fast and go to confession “(June 26, 1981). Confession seen not as a simple purification of sins but as a radical transformation to become a new person.

The Eucharist

Holy Mass seen as “the highest form of prayer” and the Eucharist is the center of every Christian’s life. “May Holy Mass be your life” (April 25, 1988).

The five stones in the Medjugorje messages

You must know that Satan exists . He one day appeared before the throne of God and asked permission to tempt the Church for a certain period with the intention of destroying it. God allowed Satan to put the Church to the test for a century but added: “You will not destroy it!” This century in which you live is under the power of Satan, but when the secrets entrusted to you are realized, its power will be destroyed. Already now he begins to lose his power and therefore has become even more aggressive: he destroys marriages, raises discord even among consecrated souls, causes obsessions, causes murders. Protect yourselves therefore with fasting and prayer, above all with community prayer. Bring blessed objects onto them and place them in your homes too. And resume the use of the holy water! Message of April 14, 1982 (Extraordinary Message).