November 20, 2018 Medjugorje: “I have the absolute certainty that Our Lady is present here, as she was in Lourdes and Fatima.-Australian Bishop Kennedy

From La Luce di Maria

“Our Lady is present here, as she was in Lourdes”. These are the words  of Monsignor Kennedy, the Australian Bishop who loves to visit Medjugorje and describes his experience as follows: “I have the feeling of something grandiose and very serious. Every time I come, I experience something more and better. I have the absolute certainty that Our Lady is present here, as she was in Lourdes. The peace that is felt here is difficult to find elsewhere on earth “.

Monsignor Kennedy had heard about Medjugorje, on the other side of the world, and wanted to live in person “the message of peace, where it originates”. 
“It is necessary that through our example they see how much the peace message has made on us. And at this point, when we see the change in us , we will not even need to speak “.

Medjugorje: the Queen of Peace speaks to the faithful

There are not many Bishops who meet in Medjugorje and who issue their devoted testimony, because many await the Holy See to pronounce itself first of all. Monsignor Kennedy, on the other hand, does not need confirmation, is firmly convinced that the Queen of Peace speaks in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

He says, “I have no doubt. If I did not believe, I would not have exposed my position. Although the Church has not yet officially recognized these apparitions, they are the same as those of Lourdes and Fatima “.

And when he returns to his homeland , Monsignor Kennedy will be able to testify that after every trip to Medjugorje his conviction has become ever more profound and turning to everyone: “I would ask them to remain faithful and to feel responsible for what happens here. Keep in mind who comes this war, because there are many who do not believe it … It is necessary to pray for the young people who go to war. Truth and justice will win because time is on your side. God will bring peace and well-being to all your land “.

Antonella Sanicanti