Heartless vandals “Devastate” church community after smashing Statue of Our Lady of Medjugorje… The violent act occurred moments after Priest buries his father.

SOURCE: Daily Record

Heartless vandals have devastated a church community by smashing a holy effigy on the day their priest buried his father.

Parishioners told the East Kilbride News they were horrified to find Our Lady of Medjugorje smashed to pieces inside St Vincent’s Church grotto on their way to morning Mass on Thursday.

And, to add to their grief, the senseless act of vandalism took place shortly after Father Ivan Boyle laid his father to rest.

The cost of the damage to the precious statue, paid for by the Greenhills Catholic church , is £1700.

Committee member Maureen Dynes said: “The passkeeper noticed the statue of Our Lady had been knocked over and smashed to bits.

“Fr Ivan buried his dad that day. He has been very good about it and asked us to turn the other cheek and pray for them. Parishioners are so upset about it.”

Maureen told us there have been reports online about a group of schoolgirls stealing garden ornaments in the Greenhills area.

She added: “I’m saddened but I’m not shocked by this as, in the two years we’ve had the grotto, we’ve had baby Jesus and an angel stolen – it’s been a trial.

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“We don’t know if this was a group of schoolkids or a targeted attack as it was very heavy, filled with sand, so it would have taken some movement.

“But the fact that nothing else but Our Lady of Medjugorje – Queen of Peace – was damaged makes me think this was a targeted attack.

“Sadly we are now looking at quotes for an ornamental iron gate to protect a replacement statue and prevent further attacks. Attacks like this make you stronger and more determined not to let anyone stop us expressing how we feel. We want to make this a nice peaceful area for people.”

Fr Boyle said: “We are sorry that vandals did this. We don’t think there was any sectarian element and generally have good relationships and neighbours here.”

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  • The devil (with minions) hates Blessed Mother Mary

  • Well they may think they got away with it,but, God seen what you did and you may think you got away with it, but, this Our Blessed M other and you aren’t getting away with anything. Trust me I would rather turn myself in and take the punishment than to face the Lord on our last day and take his punishment which is everlasting hell. Praying for you and it may not even be the last day it might be your last though, don’t you want to be ready??? Prayers And so much sorrow for OUR BEAUTIFUL MOTHER!!!!!

  • We pray that the Good Lord forgive you and e also pray for your conversion and repentance in Jesus mighty name ,Amen.

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