New Message from The Blessed Mother to Ivan on July 17, 2021 “”Dear children, do not forget that you are here on earth on the road to eternity.”

On July 17, 2021, at a special prayer meeting, the visionary Ivan Dragicevic shared with those in attendance his experience with the Blessed Mother including the message he received from Heaven.

Ivan: Dear priests and friends in Christ, once again I greet you, from my heart, during our prayer meeting with the Queen of Peace.

This time that we live now is a time of rest, the annual rest, and we wonder how to rest; many go to the mountains, to the beach, read a book, others go for a walk.

Our Lady calls us in a different way to rest, She shows us that true rest can be found in the conversion itself. Conversion covers the whole being of each person, it covers the body, soul, speech and actions.

St. Mark tells us in his Gospel that the first word of Jesus at the beginning of his evangelization was – “convert and believe in the gospel” -.

Conversion is not a superficial or external thing, nor is it reading the Word of God in a superficial form, conversion is the personal encounter with Jesus , and that is why Our Lady wishes to guide us on this path, so that we can meet Jesus in the present time. .

Today Our Lady came to us very happy and happy, and greeted us with her motherly greeting, “Praised be Jesus, my dear children”, she extended her hands to everyone and prayed for a prolonged time for the priests and patients present.

Then she addressed us with the following words:

“Dear children, do not forget that you are here on earth on the road to eternity. For this, be open to the love of God and leave selfishness and sin. May your joy be only in discovering God in daily prayer .
For this, take advantage of this time and pray. Thank you, dear children, for having responded to my call today! “

Then Our Lady blessed us all with her maternal blessing and also blessed the religious objects they presented for blessing. I have entrusted your intentions to the Blessed Mother, your needs and your families. In a special way I have entrusted all those who have delivered their prayer intentions to me by post.

After Our Lady left she asked us to pray especially for families, for young people and for holiness in the family, and then after these final words from this Our Lady she withdrew in prayer, and offered in the sign of light and the cross, and said, as she left: “Go in peace, my dear children”